Breathing & Calming Challenge

Video Lesson: Breathing!

AUGUST Challenge:

“When you’re in a stressful situation, intentional breathing changes everything for you and your dog!”
~Kathy Kawalec


Here’s the plan:

We’ll watch this Masterclass … then challenge ourselves to implement during the month so that we Level UP our partnership lifestyle with our dogs!

Plus, I’ll coach you on any stuck places during our coaching calls.

 I chose a topic for August that I see so many BeePees struggling with … and it’s standing in the way of leveling up your partnership lifestyle.

Here we go:

1. Go Watch the “Breathing and Calming” Masterclass below.

2. In the comments of THIS POST, share 1-3 specific Situations where you will practice intentional breathing to calm yourself and your dog … that you will focus on this month.

3. Watch for the extra Checkin posts that I’ll be putting in the group with tips and a request for your updates.  Comment with your update in each post.

4. Bonus Content Review: For further info and inspo about breathing, SCH, and the Vagus nerve …
Listen to the podcast:

💕5. Get ready for your Partnership Lifestyle to LEVEL UP!! 🎉

*Specifically, this will support your leveling up in PDQ questions #19, 20, 21, 23 … and those affect everything else! :) 

Let’s get started!