Your BPA Starting Partners Journey


You are building trust and confidence as you take baby steps towards partnership

The Transformation:

From frustrated, worried, stressed or stuck … to inspired and eager because you and your dog have finally begun to understand one another.

The Teaching:

How to get what you really want starting by truly understanding your dog, and by implementing some simple partnership principles. Chunking everything down into small steps that build trust and confidence by making lessons easy and simple for both you and your dog.

Focus on these lessons and skills for maximum momentum through your journey as Starting Partners:

FOCUS: Communication and Clarity to kickstart your brilliant partnership!

SKILLS: The 3P’s, The Dance, The Name Game, The Dialog Loop, The Clarity Questions and Chart, Loving Leadership, Baby Steps. Role Modeling, Loving Leadership, Calm and Patience.

The Results:

  • Your dog is becoming more attentive and responsive to you and will come to you every time you invite.
  • Your dog is starting to look to you as a role model and a loving leader.
  • You are beginning to see life with your dog in a whole new way that you did not think was possible.
  • You do all you can to protect and expand the trust and confidence between you and your dog by making good choices, staying present and in the dialog loop.

Meet the Trainer

M Eldridge