Stage 2 – Your BPA Developing Partners Journey


You are competent at a partnership lifestyle and you and your dog are becoming responsible partners.

The Transformation:

From misunderstanding and failure at partnership … to a deeper understanding and connection from the heart, as you both begin to learn to be responsible partners.

The Teaching:
The Top-Notch Training Formula: 3 Principles you must master. Adding more love and less treating to your partnership lifestyle … guiding your dog to be responsible and calm.

Focus on these lessons and skills for maximum momentum through your journey as Developing Partners:

FOCUS: Add in Competence as your next layer on your path to brilliant partnership!

SKILLS: The Loving Leadership Formula, The Clarity Questions and Chart, Next Steps of The Name Game and The Dance, Responsibility.

The Results: 

  • Your dog loves how you love his/her choices, and will make more responsible choices as a result…while reducing the need for a treat or toy in lifestyle engagement. 
  • Play is more mindful and your dogs’ impulse skills will continue to develop, and now your dog waits for release at doors and gates.  
  • You are a more fluent communicator and role model, and a benevolent leader your dog loves to follow.

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