BPA MasterClass: Slumps, Bumps and Plateaus


Topic: Slumps, Bumps and Plateaus

How to make continual progress at leveling up – even when real sh$t happens.

You were feeling pretty good about your progress … and then BAM! you and your dog are knocked down.

Your confidence is shaken. Your mind starts looping thoughts like ‘this isn’t working’ – ‘it’s taking too long’ – ‘why is everyone else having more progress than me?’ – ‘I must be doing something wrong’ …

… these and other partnership-killing thoughts cause agitation, frustration and make us want to give up.

When this happens to me, I’ve learned that I need to trust myself and the process.

We have a tendency not to trust ourselves when there is a stall or slump.

Have you ever had a time when this has happened to you? Is it happening right now?

Let’s dive into why this happens and what we can do to move through this period as smoothly and quickly as possible.

That’s what our class is about this month!

Be brilliant,
Kathy xo