Q&A and Case Study Interviews March 31st


Q&A and Case Study Interviews March 31st

💕🐾💕Saturday’s Interviews were amazing … but WAIT, there’s more!!I am honored to introduce these amazing women to you, and create the space for them to share their stories. 
First up we have Emma, who will share her experience with Waldo who put a HUGE damper on the family’s plans to enjoy nature with his reactivity.
After her confidence bottomed out from lack of progress with positive training, Emma decided to give partnership a try.
Emma says: “My relationship started to improve the minute I accepted him for who he was” … and she now takes responsibility for nurturing their relationship, maintaining their connection and supporting their partnership.
Then, Adrianne will take us through her journey (so far) with her reactive and over-aroused border collie, who was attacked by an off-lead dog.
Her dreams for a camping and hiking traveling companion were snuffed when the training simply caused Smokey to become over-aroused, but not improve.
Over-arousal was also causing Smokey to be ‘bitey’ and to play keep-away with things he picked up. Now, things are soooo much different!!
Adrianne will share her baby steps that include taking off her ‘trainer hat’ and learning how to communicate, without training pressure.
Did you ask about window barking, leash lunging, reacting to buses and trucks, frenzy at play time, and panicking when asked to wait for his turn at agility?
Then you’re gonna love what Marie-Michelle shares with us today.
Her sensitive Sawyer was sort of a reactive mess!
And now … he is calmer in the house with little window barking, they are able to leash walk as partners, play time is fun again … and the trust between them is building stronger every day!
Kelley is next up, sharing more details of the baby steps she took with her reactive dog Merle. 
He was obedience trained to the ‘nth’ degree … but … that did not help with ‘real life’ anxiety that resulted in lunging and barking at just about everything.
Out in quiet nature spots, or at home … Kelley was anxious and worried and on high alert to avoid any of her beloved dog’s triggers.
Now, Kelley is more confident and better able to be the loving leader that Merle needs … and they know how to work it out …how to enjoy life … how to collaborate on the safe, calm and happy …
and how to bounce back quickly when it doesn’t go so well.
Bettina’s life was turned upside down when they decided to adopt Murphy, a deaf dog, after seeing his handsome face on the rescue website.
It quickly became apparent that Murphy had a LOT more going on then a hearing impairment…
He was more like “Helen Keller”, frantic and desperate, lashing out in frustration and disconnection … filled with anxiety that Bettina was trying so hard to fix, but only resulted in the entire family being disrupted to the point where the dogs needed to be separated to avoid fights. whew.
Now … well, let’s just say that ‘brilliant partnership’ is the current way of life for Bettina and her entire family!
Best for last? lol I’ll let YOU be the judge!! ;)
Kim’s beautiful Jango went from loving and happy …
to filled with anger, anxiety … and acting out, after his rabies shot.
Suffering with Rabies Miasm and other lingering physical issues, it’s been a tough journey for Kim and her family …
And through the partnership principles, Jango is now so much more balanced and happy … and close to his ‘old happy self’ again.
Wowza! That’s quite the line-up isn’t it?
These courageous women are going to share their stories and the steps they took/are taking to turn their life around.
Come on live with us to support them, and to ask questions about their process of baby steps.
Live steam in the FB group.
Sunday, March 31st, 2:00pm Chicago time.
See you then!Kathy



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