LTG MC Lesson 3 – WHAT Grows or Leaks Trust


What we often do with our dogs leaks trust, so let’s replace that with confidence and trust boosting partnership methods instead!

TODAY our focus is on WHAT. As in WHAT grows trust, and what leaks trust.

We’re going to be planting your THIRD seed of trust … adding in a layer of understanding between you and your dog.

Social and Cultural Learning give us and our dogs that strong feeling of BELONGING and are the key factors in how we can live cooperatively with our dogs in family units.

It’s how the dogs (and the humans) learn how “we” behave as a family unit … WHAT we do … What it looks like and feels like to cooperatively interact and socialize within the family and without.

And what it looks like when it doesn’t …

For today’s class, we’ll focus on our third daily practice – how to BE TRUSTWORTHY.

We’ll talk about what it means to grow or leak trust with your dog, and the importance of meeting our need TO BE SAFE and TO BE CONNECTED. And … Co-regulation: the heart of all positive relationships and partnerships.

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