BONUS: Your "Ultimate Guide" Companion Lessons

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As a companion to your Ultimate Guide to Understanding Your Dog’s Personality, I’m providing these two bonus lessons to help you better use the guide.

Let’s dive in so you can turn behavior struggles into superpowers and fast-track to the happy life you were meant to have with your dog!

Kathy xo

What's Next?

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Brilliant Dog Foundation Builders

Focus on connection, communication and cooperation instead of training or obedience and get the exact steps to build the RIGHT foundation with your dog.

Join our community with over 300 Devoted Dog Moms building a brilliant life with the dogs they love!

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“I am a new person!”

"My biggest insight is that I am the key to our success.

My dog is who he is and he is perfect just as he is. As such I don’t need to work on him, I need to work on me.

Since I began paying close attention to my thoughts and focusing on my process affirmation I have become a new person."

Emma B

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“It’s the best decision I’ve made in years!”

“I feel as if I can identify problems (thoughts, situations) much earlier and think about them - why am I thinking/feeling that, how can I change this situation so my dogs will not be over-aroused, etc.

My goal going into the program was to work on my mindset part of my partnership with Cliff so I could come to believe that we can succeed, and I certainly achieved that."

Sara R”

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“Our walk today was perfect!”

“"I understand my dogs a lot more and I try to think about their personality before I take any action with them to help our communication! I changed my mindset from I have I love to!

Our play sessions are calmer, less barking, more fun! We are more in harmony since we are careful about the energy level of our activities. Thank you!"

Marie-Michelle C”

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