QUIZ: What’s Your Dog’s Personality Profile Type?


What personality traits trigger your dog’s behavior?

From 35 years of working with dogs, I’ve found there’s a misconception that the same training will be effective for all dogs. When it doesn’t work, we think that there’s something wrong with US, or with our dogs.

Behavior is Communication. And since dogs can’t talk it out, the ACT it out. When your dog feels unheard, their behavior escalates from a whisper to a scream.

There are 5 Personality Profile Types, and understand how your dog’s personality effects their behavior begins by answering the question…

What Is Your Dog’s Personality Profile Type?

Take your quiz here: https://dancinghearts.link/bpa-personality-quiz

Once you take your quiz, download the pdf report and read the summary of the personality types so that you can better understand YOUR dog!

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