Monthly Partnership Planner and Journal


Welcome to the Monthly Partnership Planner where you will…

  • Focus on your “CORE” Daily Practices as a foundation lifestyle.
  • Train your brain to stay mindful and aware of progress and opportunities for leveling up.
  • Journal on what is happening with you and your dog this month. Create a monthly plan and weekly plans/check-ins.
  • Do an end of month assessment.
  • Do Discovery Debrief worksheets anytime you have a ‘difficult’ event with your dog and want to use that to learn and find solutions.

How to use:

Download the planner PDF to your device. You can either print at home, or use an online service … or ‘annotate’ right onto the pdf. I love to use Notability, or Good Notes on my tablet where I can use my stylus like a pen. (and have the option to type as well)

Just follow the prompts on each page! Each month, start a new planner. Keep going. Ask for help — you will need it along the way!


Meet the Trainer

Kathy Kawalec