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Enlightened by Dogs Podcast

Each week, Kathy share insights, tips, and give support for living a partnership lifestyle with our dogs. Subscribe to her popular show Enlightened by Dogs on your favorite podcast app! You can also listen right on the website if apps aren’t your thing.

Brilliant Partners Academy

Get on my waitlist for the next enrollment for Brilliant Partners Academy! Save your seat for the inner circle, and be the first to know when BPA enrollments are open next. It’s my pleasure and delight to serve as your coach and guide in BPA.

Dancing Hearts Blog

Read my articles that unlock the secrets to a holistic, heart-connected lifestyle with our dogs.


Dancing Hearts Facebook Page

You can join us in our Facebook community where we gather around my weekly podcast show, Enlightened by Dogs. Join us right here right now and start connecting with partnership creators at all stages of the journey.


5 Step Formula ebook

Download your copy (below) of this popular ebook, which will give you wonderful introduction to Kathy’s guiding partnership principles.👍😃

There are some real gems in there, and we would love to hear your thoughts after you have read it.

Does the story of Mary and Max remind you of yourself and your dog in any way? 🐾🧡

Top Experts on The Power of Partnership ebook

This ebook tells the story of how a trusting relationship influences training, performance and lifestyle with our dogs. Tapping into experts perspectives, as well as Kathy’s own experiences with her ‘heart’ dog who helped her shape her body of work…this book will help you to more deeply understand the importance of trust and collaboration. Download your copy below!

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