BPA MasterClass: Name Game and Dance Invitation Challenge

  • This lesson is all about one of our most foundational skills for communication, connection and cooperation: The Dance Invitation.
  • We learn so many crucial partnership skills as we focus on the Name Game and Dance Invite …
  • These skills are the foundation that our entire partnership lifestyle are build upon.
  • This humble beginning of the simple act of inviting our dogs to connect teaches us:
    • How to be present
    • How to put love and connection first, before everything
    • How to ask for consent
    • How to invite consent
    • How to ensure success
    • How to communicate naturally
    • How to dialog (listen first, then respond)
    • How to be a loving leader (not a micro-manager)
    • How to find joy in small moments
    • How to express joy and gratitude in a connection
    • and so much more…

Watch the video lesson for review, and then download your pdfs below.

Note: If you are a brand new BPA member, please join us in the BDFB FB group for your Bingo challenge — it’s designed to help you get started with the Name Game and Dance Invitation.

For BPA members that have been with us for a while, you are ready to level up! Please join us for the Bingo Challenge!


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