BPA MasterClass: “Getting Back to Green so You Can Enjoy More SCH” with Coach Marika

Topic:  “Getting Back to Green so You Can Enjoy More SCH” with Coach Marika

In this class we will explore how you can help your stressed out nervous system get back to green through practicing simple exercises that tone your vagus nerve, which will help you to get grounded, feel more balanced and build your nervous systems resilience so that you can handle stress better in the future.

 We will take a deep dive into how chronic stress, trauma, and anxiety are all keeping you stuck in a trigger loop cycle and preventing you from living your best life and how you can start to break the cycle today by being proactive, instead of reactive.

We will also cover: what is the vagus nerve, why is it so important to keep it toned and how can we use this knowledge and these exercises to build trust in our relationships with our dogs and live a safer, calmer and happier life.


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