BPA MasterClass: Emotional Messengers (pt3)

Topic: Emotional Messages for Leaders
Using Emotions as Information and Connection

This is part 3 of a 3-part series of masterclasses that will take us deeper into the Art and Science of Partnership and Socially Intelligent Leadership.

Most of us are taught to suppress or ‘fix’ troublesome or inconvenient or socially unacceptable feelings.

But wearing a mask of confidence or compliance to hide fear, anger or sadness only works in the short term for us and our dogs.

Over time, the internal pressure of unresolved emotions builds, causing an explosion at inopportune moments … and that serves to keep us looping in an emotional cycle that we can’t seem to break free from.

What if, instead, we could learn from emotions and ask questions that would lead to a deeper understanding … and what if we could trust our socially intelligent animal friends to teach us how?

This month’s topic is modeled after the work of Linda Kohanov, and adapted to integrate with our work of being a brilliant and loving leader for our dogs. I am excited to continue on our journey of exploring this important topic.

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