BPA MasterClass: Develop Your Intuitive Communication Skills (Part 2)

Topic: Develop Your Brilliant Partners Intuitive Communication Skills, part 2

We started the Masterclass off with celebrations – which were AMAZING!! 

Then we moved into discussion the Web of Life and how connected we are, especially to our dogs. Then I led a guided Mother Earth meditation … after which we did some fun intuitive practice exercises.

At the end of the class, I shared my story about connecting with Sue when she was so sick … I ended up crying, but I’m glad I shared.  :)

A wonderful masterclass!!

Link to watch the workshop video:

Chatlog: (opens like a web page:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/l5sc2j2o2kn84vq/BPA%20Masterclass%20Intuitive%20Communication%20pt2%20ChatLog.htm?dl=0

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  • Partnership Practice. After you watch the video, you’ll be ready to jump in and start practicing what you’ve learned. The Partnership Practice pdf holds your practice exercises.
  • Download the slides for reference.

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