BPA MasterClass: Develop Your Intuitive Communication Skills (part 1)

Topic: Develop Your Brilliant Partners Intuitive Communication Skills, part 1

There was a strong vote for developing and using your intuitive communication skills to better understand your dog … and I LOVE this topic!! There is enough to learn about this that we could spend and an entire year of master classes (or more) learning just this skill … but we will start with the foundation for two consecutive months, then come back for more advanced skills in the future if there is a desire.

We started the Masterclass off with celebrations – which were AMAZING!!  – and then we had a great discussion on the importance of focusing on solutions, process, mindset, communication, loving leadership, “Partnership” … and not on the ‘problem’ you are having.

Cindy Tracy and Dee Wilusz jumped in and gave us some tips on how they applied those principles with their hyper-sensitive reactive dogs and had phenomenal success!

Next, I presented some foundation intuition training, and several quizzes to help you determine your natural primary and secondary intuition gifts … and gave out instructions for opening up your intuitive skills in the coming month.

We ended with sharing our takeaway and commitments.

A wonderful masterclass!!

Link to watch the workshop video:

Chatlog: (opens like a web page:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/76ftdjj2bz7c439/BPA%20Masterclass%20Intuitive%20Skills%20pt1%20ChatLog.htm?dl=0

Listen to Audio:

  • Partnership Practice. After you watch the video, you’ll be ready to jump in and start practicing what you’ve learned. The Partnership Practice pdf holds your practice exercises.
  • Download the slides for reference.