BPA FF Module 1 PDF Downloads

ll of your downloads for Module 1 Communication are below.

  1. Partnership Practice. After you watch the video, you’ll be ready to jump in and start practicing what you’ve learned. The Partnership Practice pdf holds your daily practice exercises.
  2. Communication Lesson Slides. For your easy reference, you can download the slides used in the video lesson.
  3. Success Maximizers. Your Success Maximizer leads you towards mastering the fine art of Communication by conditioning your level of awareness and focus through daily practice.
  4. The Dance Steps overview and sequence protocol.
  5. Slide deck for Module 1 Communication pdf.
  6. Heart Connection pdf for following along with the audio guided meditation.
  7. Rehab Your Reactive/Distracted/Fearful Dog 7-Step Quickstart Guide.
    If your dog lunges, barks and is reactive, distracted, fearful and difficult to manage around other dogs, busy environments, and things that move like animals, bikes, cars and skateboarders … then this 7-Step Quick-Start will guide you to begin the process of rehab…incorporating the lessons from the Foundation Formula. It will take a while for you to get through all the lessons and exercises, so download this quick guide to help you know what is important right NOW for your dog.


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