BPA MasterClass: Quarterly Planner + Video Walk-thru

Welcome to your BP Quarterly Planner where you will…

  • Focus on your “CORE” Daily Practices as a partnership lifestyle.
  • Train your brain to stay mindful and aware of progress and opportunities for leveling up.
  • Start each quarter with a fresh look at your North Star Vision, a PDQ assessment, and a solid intention with a plan for how to level up your partnership life in the coming quarter! 💖
  • Journal on what is happening with you and your dog with a fresh look each month.
  • From your quarterly plan and discovery worksheets: Create a monthly plan and then your weekly plans/check-ins.
  • Use your In-the-Moment worksheet, your Balanced Life activity worksheet, and your Discovery DeBrief regularly for max success.
  • Do Discovery Debrief worksheets anytime you have a ‘difficult’ event with your dog and want to use that to learn and find solutions.
  • Link to your BPA PDQ Assessment: dancinghearts.link/bpa-pdq

How to use:

Watch the video below for instructions as Kathy walks you through the planner.

Download the planner PDF to your device. You can either print at home, or use an online service … or, My Recommentation: ‘annotate’ right onto the pdf. I love to use Notability or Good Notes app on my tablet where I can use my stylus like a pen. (and have the option to type as well)

Just follow the prompts on each page! Each quarter, start a new planner. Keep going. Ask for help — you will need it along the way!

Much love,

Kathy xo

Watch Kathy walk through the planner:

PDF Downloads