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Students Share Their Stories...

"As soon as I started trying to understand why Rye found things difficult, he was very happy to communicate with me about what he felt he could and could not do and we stopped having meltdowns in training."
Sara and Rye
"Before I started working with you others had told me Lucy was worthless and would never be a decent herding dog. From our first lesson you laughed at that notion and showed me how much potential she really has. If it wasn’t for that I might have given up on her. After watching her yesterday in awe at how gracefully she handled a bolting sheep I realize how much I would have missed out on if it wasn’t for you and your positive approach."
Rich and Lucy
"I was ready for a methodology that could take my mind off of the dog I didn't have and put my heart into the dog I do have. The 5Cs have given me a guide to focusing on the important aspects of work with my dog. I have changed my perspective from commanding my dog to focusing on communicating with my dog. I can see how being clear about what I want, with great timing and proper tone, can make all the difference to both of us. Turns out it's about creating a champion working partnership with a partner that trusts you to 'lead the dance'."
Nancy and Bruce
"All these years I went to trainer after trainer and clinic after clinic trying to "fix my dog" and all the while I just needed to fix ME...and our PARTNERSHIP!"
Tresa and Fleck

"I felt so frustrated of 5 years working with many dog trainers and and my dog was fighting it the whole way. Following your program, I was amazed at the immediate results I witnessed by following your simple and sensible suggestions and how fun it became to see this happen.

I love your approach, your passion for animals and your passion for helping people understand how our dogs think and learn. Your methods are so positive, calm, and patient.

I am truly grateful that I found you because you are, by far, the best dog / people trainer and coach I have had in my 25 yrs of dog ownership."

MaryPat and Chloe

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