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DH Partnership Mastery Program

  • Semester One – September thru January



$3200/year USD

Sunday August 28th

From Our Coaches...

"If you really want to dive deep into exploring the partnership lifestyle, and to reach Master Partners Level, then this is your ticket!"

"The program has helped me to learn so much about myself and my dogs I am able to be my best self.

I have found that the course has really stretched me as a person, pushed me out of my comfort zone not only in doing new things but in my thoughts and behaviour towards myself, peeling back and processing experiences which effect who I am today, I have been able to grow and move forward. Thank you!"
Coach Sandra
“If you think BPA changed your life, this is going to change it on the whole new level!"

“This program gives you a deeper understanding of your dog and it gives you a new way of understanding of the whole BPA program.

You get to dig into the fundamentals of this incredible program Kathy designed for all of us. You get to discover how it is all connected and you have to think about why, what and how. Not only in relation with dogs, but also in relation with humans.

How are you going to explain another person (who might be in a state of panic) how to help her dog (who might be over-aroused) and be polite, warm and encouraging at the same time? By doing so, you get priceless knowledge about yourself and your dog(s) too."
Coach Ana

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