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5 Days to Break Ground on Your Journey to Remarkable Partnership

If you’re a dog mom who wants to break free of the reactivity spiral by creating a kind, connected, and cooperative partnership life with your dog, this FREE 5-day live online challenge is for you!

Join Us For A Journey

To Brilliant Partnership


Are you a dedicated dog mom struggling to navigate the twists and turns with a reactive canine companion? Imagine stepping through a gate into a world where understanding blooms like flowers and challenges unravel like vines under the morning sun. 

Welcome to the “Growing Together: From Reactive to Remarkable” 5-Day Challenge, a free live online adventure designed exclusively for you and your dog … with our theme inspired by a Journey through a Magical Growth Garden!

Embark on a whimsical journey through a magical garden of growth and transformation. This isn’t just a challenge; it’s a passage to a life where reactivity is replaced with a kind, connected, and cooperative partnership with your beloved dog. Forget about the traditional obedience training behavior modification tactics that leave you both feeling lost in the undergrowth. It’s time to walk a new path.

Prepare to be guided down a garden path, where the secrets of joyful, cooperative partnership life are revealed through the whispers of the wise old trees and the songs of playful sprites. With each step, you’ll unravel the mysteries of your dog’s behavior, cultivating a garden of understanding, confidence, and compassion.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Find out how over 2800 dog moms in over 30 countries around the world are using our frameworks to create a dream relationship with their dogs and a kind, consensual, cooperative partnership-centered life they love.

💚 You get the printable Journey to Partnership Challenge pdf workbooks and live daily classes where I’ll answer your questions and teach you EXACTLY what you need to know so that you can fall in love with being a dog mom again.

💚 You’ll also get invited to our pop-up Facebook group full of support from me and my team, support from dog moms just like you, and get answers to your questions about living in harmony with your dog.


Learn a simple, science-based approach that demystifies even the most difficult behaviors. This will increase your confidence and compassion for your dog (and yourself) and decrease confusion, worry, frustration and overwhelm. 

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I can't teach you all of this in just five days, but I can absolutely give you what you need to break ground in the your partnership garden where seeds are planted and transformations bloom. 🌱

My little farm in northern Illinois became the place where dog moms brought their dogs after having gone through what they described as “a million trainers and training methods that didn’t work”. 

For 25+ years, dogs with the biggest, most baffling behaviors (often referred to me by trainers, behaviorists and veterinarians who ran out of ideas for how to help their struggling clients) — were whole heartedly welcomed here because I:

•Understand what even the most sensitive dogs, and those with the most difficult histories, need to feel safe and able to blossom into their true potential. These dogs make perfect sense to me. And their dog moms do too.

•Developed a deep tool box full of holistic tools that actually work in real life, with real dogs and real dog moms who are trying to do right by their dogs.

•Am fiercely committed to empathy, empowerment and a life of feeling safe, connected and happy — for all of us.

•Knew that these dogs were grossly misunderstood and crying for help in the only way they could, with their escalating behavior. And time after time, hundreds of times, I was blessed to witness transformations of these dogs alongside the brilliant women who loved them.

This 5-day live online workshop guides you through your journey to remarkable partnership with the knowledge, tools, and answers you need to break free of reactivity and break ground on your new relationship with your dog. 

This challenge is your gateway to a life where walks are serene, companionship is deep, and the bond with your dog is unbreakable.

Though we may start at the edge of an overgrown thicket, together, we'll emerge into a landscape of possibility and partnership.

Are you ready to leave the tangled vines behind and step onto the path of partnership? Join us and transform your reactive relationship into a remarkable bond.

Your journey from Reactive to Remarkable begins now. 🌱✨

R2R Part One Planting Seeds of Connection

Part 1: Planting the Seed of Connection

Lesson: Discover the root of reactivity and how to nurture the first sprouts of partnership.

Discover how building a strong foundation of understanding and connection is like planting the first, crucial seed for a beautiful garden to grow. 

Imagine turning those moments of stress into opportunities for connection, laying the groundwork for a partnership that blooms.

Plus, you’ll have a clear vision for your ideal partnership with your dog, and essential elements missing in your current approach.

  • Deep Dive into Reactivity’s Roots: Uncover the emotional and psychological underpinnings of your dog’s reactive behaviors.
  • Building Trust Foundations: Learn strategies to start building a bridge of trust and understanding with your dog.
  • Connection Blueprint: A comprehensive guide to fostering the first sprouts of a deep, empathetic connection.
R2R Part two: nurturing connection

Part 2: Nurturing Growth

Lesson: Learn how to water and care for your growing bond, encouraging trust and cooperation to flourish.

We’ll explore the three core needs for both you and your dog – needs as vital as sunlight to a thriving garden.

You’ll walk away with a clear, simple plan to meet these needs, transforming your relationship from surviving to thriving. Discover how to turn everyday moments into chances for your bond to deepen, ensuring trust and cooperation blossom beautifully in your partnership.

  • Understanding Core Needs: Explore the essential needs that drive your dog’s behavior and how to meet them.
  • Fostering Cooperation and Trust: Techniques to water and care for your growing bond, encouraging trust and cooperation.
  • Growth Plan Workbook: Practical exercises and a customizable plan to nurture your partnership.
R2R Part 3 Pruning the Challenges

Part 3: Pruning the Challenges

Lesson: Master the art of guiding your dog through their fears and frustrations.

Every garden has its weeds, and every relationship its challenges. Learn the art of gently removing the obstacles that block the sun from your partnership. We’ll show you strategic ways to invite safety, foster regulation, and deepen connection, turning what once were struggles into strengths.

By understanding how to make success inevitable, you’ll feel equipped and empowered to guide your dog through fears and frustrations with a compassionate, informed touch.

  • Master the art of gently guiding your dog through fears and frustrations with understanding and patience.
  • Strategies for Difficult Situations: Learn how to create successful outcomes even in challenging situations.
  • Challenge Pruning Guide: A step-by-step approach to identifying and overcoming obstacles in your partnership.
R2R Challenge Part 4 Blossoming Together

Part 4: Blossoming Together

Lesson: See the full color of your efforts as your dog begins to respond with joy and eagerness, no longer held back by the thorns of reactivity.

It’s one thing to know the steps to take, but another to walk them confidently together. Discover why transforming reactivity isn’t just about managing behaviors, but about understanding the underlying emotions, needs and expectations—for both of you.

We’ll dive into how your own mindset and responses can shape your journey, turning challenges into triumphs and fostering a bond so strong, distractions simply fade away.

  • Mindset for Success: Discover how your own perspective and responses can shape your journey towards a thriving partnership.
  • Blossoming Together Toolkit: Resources to foster a joyful, cooperative relationship.
R2R Challenge Part 5 Harvesting Joy

Part 5: Harvesting Joy

Lesson: Admire the garden of your relationship, ripe with the fruits of mutual respect and understanding, ready for the adventures that lie ahead.

We’ll map out the path forward, and learn about the three pillars that will keep your partnership flourishing and how our unique frameworks can guide you through life’s adventures. You’ll leave with a personalized roadmap, ready to continue nurturing the remarkable partnership you and your dog deserve.

  • Reflecting on Your Journey: Appreciate the garden of your relationship, ripe with the fruits of mutual respect and harmony.
  • Planning for Future Adventures: Lay out the next steps in your ongoing journey of partnership.
  • Roadmap to Remarkable Partnership: Actionable steps for continuing to grow and thrive in your partnership beyond the challenge.
R2R Leap Day bonus graphic

🦋 Leap Day Bonus: Leaping Forward in Your Partnership 🦋

Leap Day is a perfect time to take a ‘leap forward’ in our journey towards remarkable partnership with our dogs.

Just as a leap in a garden can bring us across a brook or over a patch of untended earth, we’ll explore how to make a jump forward in connecting with our dogs. Let’s use this Leap Day to make strides in our journey, turning what might have been just another day into a milestone of growth and connection in our partnerships.

  • Embracing Change: Just as gardens transform with each season, our relationship with our dogs is ever-evolving and creates opportunity for growth.
  • Taking Bold Steps: Sometimes, progress in our partnership requires bold, decisive actions – leaps, if you will. We’ll look at how to identify these opportunities and muster the courage to take them.
R2R Blossom Bingo graphic

🌸 Blossom Bingo: Your Journey Through the Magic Garden 🌸

Take an enchanting adventure with “Blossom Bingo,” as you navigate the twists and turns of transforming reactivity into a beautiful partnership.

Here’s what makes “Blossom Bingo” an unmissable part of your adventure:

  • Engaging Activities: These activities aren’t just tasks; they’re milestones on your path to a remarkable partnership.
  • Rewards and Recognition: Completing your “Blossom Bingo” card is your ticket to exciting opportunities, like a chance to win a live coaching session and prizes that celebrate your dedication and progress.
  • Community Connection: Share your journey, support fellow participants, and see the magic garden of our community bloom with stories of transformation. Your engagement makes our garden a richer, more vibrant place.
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A Personal Message from Kathy...

I've been building partnerships with my dogs for a lifetime. Puppies I've raised, adults I've rescued, dogs that no one wanted and dogs that were said to be 'untrainable' and hopeless.

Each and every dog was a blessing, and ALL of my dogs became amazing companions, world-class partners in dog sports like agility and herding, and the best teachers ever!

25+ years of working professionally with over 2800 dogs and their families in over 30 countries around the world has taught me sooooo much! I've put together the exact ingredients that create a trusting, loving, attentive and responsive relationship with a dog ... instead of one built on transactions, unable to stand up to ordinary challenges of modern life.

This free Journey to Partnership challenge workshop is your first step to a life of harmony and delight with your dog.

I am eager to be your guide and help you get started! My mission is to help a million dog moms and their dogs become brilliant partners, so I hope you take advantage of this free workshop - it's my gift to you!!

For the love of dogs,
Kathy xo

Kathy Kawalec: Founder of Dancing Hearts Dog Academy, Creator of the Dancing Hearts Partnership Lifestyle Method™, Host of the Enlightened by Dogs Podcast.

What Our Members Say...

Phalen and Dee

“What do I say about a program that changed despair to joy?”

“My dream dog had become a nightmare, my life was in turmoil and my family was miserable. With our partnership foundation, life is liberating, joyful and totally works! Who knew?”

~Dee and Phalen

Bettina and family

“I'm so proud of my 3 fur kids, and forever grateful for Kathy and her program.”

“I thought: I’ve tried everything, training classes, behavior sessions, reactive dog classes, I have nothing to lose. 10 months later, we all enjoying our Brilliant Partners lifestyle and I’m so proud of my 3 fur kids!”

~Bettina, with Murphy, Mary and Bear

Jane with Skye and Hannah crop

“Kicked out of obedience class … to brilliant partners!”

"After being kicked out of obedience class, I found Kathy Kawalec. Instead of focusing on obedience and training, we breathed a sigh of relief and began focusing on appreciating each other and observing and listening to each other. Life since is a daily delight with my girl!”

~Jane and Skye

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Starts February 24th, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this 5-Day Challenge Workshop for?

Any dog mom who wants to learn how to create a joyful, trusting, loving partnership life with their dogs that results in better behavior, a better bond, and a brilliant relationship. Even if your dog is reactive, over-aroused, anxious, difficult ... and even if you have tried 'everything' and nothing has worked.

Who is this training not for?

Dog parents looking for a quick fix of their dog's behavior instead of nurturing lifelong natural cooperation; or those looking for a dog training or behavior modification technique that focuses on getting dogs to do what we want without high regard for the dog's deeper needs and preferences; or a dog mom who is not interested in exploring a personal development growth mindset while staying curious about how to be a brilliant partner for and with their dogs.

What if I enjoy training my dog ... will I have to stop my positive reinforcement training?

Absolutely not! In fact, you'll find that your level of success will dramatically increase when you build on this holistic partnership focused relationship foundation! The sport, performance, and working dog training that you love is the bonus fun stuff we get to truly enjoy when we have a brilliant partnership with our dogs!

What if I can't attend the Live classes?

While attending live is recommended, we know that's not always possible with our world-wide audience. We will have replays available for you to watch when it works for your schedule. The replays will be available to stream at your convenience until March 3rd.

How does the challenge workshop work?

Saturday and Sunday, Kathy will lead a live training session at 2pm CDT (Chicago time). There will be coaching and Q+A sessions on Wednesday and Friday, Live case study interviews on Saturday, and we'll end the challenge with a Coaches Roundtable where your remaining questions will be answered by our panel of partnership experts. Each day you are encouraged to complete the daily workbook assignment and ask any questions you have in the challenge popup Facebook group.

But seriously, why are you doing all of this for FREE?

This is the first time we are offering this 5-day Reactive to Remarkable Partnership challenge workshop, and we are offering it for free this year. We're thinking about turning this into a paid workshop later.

Our main motivation to do this workshop is to better support our members in our Brilliant Dog Foundation Builders $7/mo membership, and in our $49/mo Brilliant Partners Academy coaching membership, and our Relationship Rehab Intensive ($777/yr) coaching program.

There's something so magical and special about a live experience like this that helps our members stay inspired and helps them to fill any gaps in their understanding. And it gives us an opportunity to continue to level up our teaching content as we spread the ripples of what is possible with a true and brilliant partnership to dog moms who may be struggling right now with their dog -- or who just love the idea of kind, compassionate, consensual, and loving cooperation with their dogs instead of relying on training, rewards, behavior modification or corrections.

We will also offer the opportunity to continue to work with us in one of our established programs (mentioned above) to the dog moms in this workshop challenge. Of course, there is absolutely no obligation or pressure of any kind, that would not be aligned with our core values. But, we would absolutely LOVE to support every dog mom who can use a kind and caring guide on this journey to brilliant partnership.

Kathy and the Dancing Hearts team are committed to the vision of a safe, calm and happy life for dogs and those who care for them as deeply as we do. The success of our members is our passion and our mission. xo

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