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Let’s take your relationship and your life with your dog to a whole new level!

Let’s face it, “Thriving” is so much better than surviving … and that’s what the Partnership Starter Kit is for…to take your relationship and your life with your dog to the next level.

The Partnership Breakthrough Bundle – Holiday Edition has over 22 video lessons, guides, and workbooks to help you reduce overwhelm, create connection, build trust and simplify life, so that you can keep calm and start enjoying life – and the holidays- with your dog.

After 35 years of helping thousands of dogs and their families, dog trainers, and most especially dog moms, to live better with less time training and more time connecting … I’ve created this special bundle to help you uncover the real cause of your dog’s behavior and get them to love to listen — all without bribes or punishments or training sessions.

It’s all inside our brand new Partnership Breakthrough Bundle – Holiday Edition.

This bundle is designed to help you and your dogs understand each other, so that you can be the human your dog needs to behave so that you can finally start living the good life you’ve dreamed of!

You’ll find videos, audios, workbooks, lessons and activities that you and your dog can enjoy, and learn to build a partnership lifestyle based on love, trust, understanding, clarity and communicating in a way that leads to good behavior.

This partnership breakthrough bundle is designed to help you to:

• Successfully manage the holidays, so that you both can relax and have a good time.

  • Have your dog calm down and listen better.
  • Having your dog LOVE to come running to you anytime you call their name.
  • Reduce over-arousal, stress, anxiety…for both you and your dog.
  • Stop your dog’s over-the-top barking at anything exciting or over-arousing.
  • And much more!

And yes, this is proven to work in real life, even if your dog is reactive, distracted, hyper, anxious … and even if you’ve tried everything!

I get it …

Having a sensitive, anxious, hyper or reactive dog is tough. 

When your dog is trying to tell you something that you don’t understand, it’s frustrating – for both of you. 

Since dogs can’t talk it out, they ACT it out.

When your dog feels uncomfortable, vulnerable and unheard … their behavior escalates from a whisper to a scream.

  • Your reactive dog completely loses it around other dogs or triggers.
  • Your excitable dog pulls and barks when you try to go for a walk. 
  • Your distracted dog won’t come if you don’t have a cookie.
  • Your fearful dog panics, hides or barks and can’t be calmed.
  • Your aloof dog just doesn’t seem to want to bond with you.

Imagine what it’ll be like when you and your dog can finally understand one another.

With the Dancing Hearts partnership lifestyle method, you and your dog CAN feel calm and happy … and it means you and your dog will listen to each other and trust each other.

And yes, this is proven to work in real life, even if your dog is reactive, distracted, hyper, anxious … and even if you’ve tried everything!

I want to set your mind at ease. As a passionate dog mom with 35+ years as a professional dog trainer and holistic behavior consultant, I’ve taught thousands of dog parents simple partnership lifestyle secrets…so they can feel calm, happy and have the freedom to do all they love together.

I can teach you too.

🐾“True understanding and real dialog get the relationship you dream about … and your dog will LOVE you for it!”

~Kathy Kawalec

I KNOW how life-changing a partnership lifestyle with your dog really is … so that’s why I’ve created this bundle for you …

I want you to get started right here, right now!

The Holiday Survival Partnership Guide Masterclass, the Partnership Starter Kit 2.0, along with the Behavior Breakthrough Survival Kit for Dog Moms will help you to understand how to get you and your dog feeling Safe, Calm and Happy … and how to resolve your dog’s behavior struggles with some of our most common issues.

You just need the right tools and a simple, proven system…

•No time consuming training sessions.
•No hard to learn training methods.
•No more trust leaks and damaged relationship with your dog.


It will change your life when you implement my guidance on HOW TO BE THE PARTNER your dog needs, so that you can start living the GOOD LIFE with your dog today.

Begin your journey with the Partnership Starter Kit … which kicks you off with the Relationship Reset Challenge Mini-Course so that you can see for yourself how the Dancing Hearts partnership method™ will help you and your dog to be Safe, Calm and Happy!

Ready? Let’s get started!

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