Journey to partnership with your dog 3 day challenge


If you’re a dog mom who wants to break free of the reactivity spiral by building a heart-connected, cooperative, and joyful partnership with your dog, this FREE 3-day live online challenge is for you!

Join Us For A Journey On The Yellow Brick Road

To Brilliant Partnership


Join us for "Journey to Partnership" -- your thrilling 3-day live learning event inspired by one of our favorite movies: The Wizard of Oz! Get ready for an exciting adventure where you'll discover the secrets of building a joyful, cooperative partnership life with your dog.

In just three days, you'll know how to nuRture TRUST, CONNECTION AND DAILY cooperatiON with your dog

This 3-day challenge guides you through your dog mom Hero’s Journey with the knowledge, tools, and answers you need to launch your new relationship with your dog. Inspired by “The Wizard of Oz”, this challenge is not just about achieving a better relationship, but also about the learning and growth that happens along the way that makes a brilliant partnership with your dogs possible!

You will experience behavior breakthroughs during this workshop ... AND you'll leave with your own customized roadmap for your transformational journey with your dog.

Day 1: “Finding The Wizard”

In this first live training, I’ll introduce you to what it means to be a dog mom on the Hero’s Journey…guiding you to understand the root causes of reactive behavior and what it takes to break free of that cycle. You’ll discover that today’s dog moms are building their relationships with their dogs differently – in a more loving, kind and consensual way that is simple, and that works in real life.

As Stephen Covey famously said, “Begin with the End in Mind.” And that’s exactly what we are going to do…

Get clear on what trust between a dog mom and her dog is REALLY, so that you can stop the trust leaks that lead to more and more reactive, anxious, difficult behavior.

By the time you finish this first workshop:

Day 2: "The Journey to Oz"

The second workshop is all about connecting with your allies for your journey to partnership with your dog.  You’ll discover how to navigate through the common relationship and miscommunication struggles that cause worry, stress and difficult behavior. We’re going to break down the three core needs that you and your dog must have met in order to truly thrive, and the actual plan that will make that happen.

You and your dog will enjoy your ‘first dance’ on the road to partnership, then you’ll discover how to tap into the ‘powers’ you and your dog already innately have to overcome your most pressing behavior challenge. And any other challenges too! 

At this workshop:

Day 3: “Getting Back Home”

Home is where the heart is, and for real: ‘there’s no place like home’.  Day 3 is all about mapping your personalized journey to the beautiful Emerald City where you’ll find your own magic slippers and make your way home again, where all your heart-dreams can come true.

We’re going to bring it all together into your own customized RoadMap that guides you to “walk in partnership” with your dog through all five partnership stages using the Tree of Trust framework, and the RAPID Results formula.

At the end of this third workshop, you’ll walk away with:

A Personal Message from Kathy...

I've been building partnerships with my dogs for a lifetime. Puppies I've raised, adults I've rescued, dogs that no one wanted and dogs that were said to be 'untrainable' and hopeless.

Each and every dog was a blessing, and ALL of my dogs became amazing companions, world-class partners in dog sports like agility and herding, and the best teachers ever!

25+ years of working professionally with over 2800 dogs and their families in over 30 countries around the world has taught me sooooo much! I've put together the exact ingredients that create a trusting, loving, attentive and responsive relationship with a dog ... instead of one built on transactions, unable to stand up to ordinary challenges of modern life.

This free Journey to Partnership challenge workshop is your first step to a life of cooperation with your dog.

I am eager to be your guide and help you get started! My mission is to help a million dog moms and their dogs become brilliant partners, so I hope you take advantage of this free workshop - it's my gift to you!!

For the love of dogs,
Kathy xo

What Our Members Say...

“What do I say about a program that changed despair to joy?”

“My dream dog had become a nightmare, my life was in turmoil and my family was miserable. With our partnership foundation, life is liberating, joyful and totally works! Who knew?”

~Dee and Phalen

“I'm so proud of my 3 fur kids, and forever grateful for Kathy and her program.”

“I thought: I’ve tried everything, training classes, behavior sessions, reactive dog classes, I have nothing to lose. 10 months later, we all enjoying our Brilliant Partners lifestyle and I’m so proud of my 3 fur kids!”

~Bettina, with Murphy, Mary and Bear

“Kicked out of obedience class … to brilliant partners!”

"After being kicked out of obedience class, I found Kathy Kawalec. Instead of focusing on obedience and training, we breathed a sigh of relief and began focusing on appreciating each other and observing and listening to each other. Life since is a daily delight with my girl!”

~Jane and Skye

Journey to partnership with your dog 3 day challenge

Starts June 24th 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this 3-Day Challenge Workshop for?

Any dog mom who wants to learn how to create a joyful, trusting, loving partnership life with their dogs that results in better behavior, a better bond, and a brilliant relationship. Even if your dog is reactive, over-aroused, anxious, difficult ... and even if you have tried 'everything' and nothing has worked.

Who is this training not for?

Dog parents looking for a quick fix of their dog's behavior instead of nurturing lifelong natural cooperation; or those looking for a dog training or behavior modification technique that focuses on getting dogs to do what we want without high regard for the dog's deeper needs and preferences; or a dog mom who is not interested in exploring a personal development growth mindset while staying curious about how to be a brilliant partner for and with their dogs.

What if I enjoy training my dog ... will I have to stop my positive reinforcement training?

Absolutely not! In fact, you'll find that your level of success will dramatically increase when you build on this holistic partnership focused relationship foundation! The sport, performance, and working dog training that you love is the bonus fun stuff we get to truly enjoy when we have a brilliant partnership with our dogs!

What if I can't attend the Live classes?

While attending live is recommended, we know that's not always possible with our world-wide audience. We will have replays available for you to watch when it works for your schedule. The replays will be available to stream at your convenience until June 30th.

How does the challenge workshop work?

Each day, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, we will have a live training session at 2pm CDT (Chicago time). That will be immediately followed by a live Q+A and coaching session at 3pm CDT, all in the same class. Each day you are encouraged to complete the daily workbook assignment and ask any questions you have in the challenge popup Facebook group.

But seriously, why are you doing all of this for FREE?

This is the first time we are running this challenge workshop, and we are offering it for free. We're thinking about turning this into a paid challenge later.

Our main motivation to do this workshop is to better support our members in our Brilliant Dog Foundation Builders $7/mo membership, and in our $49/mo Brilliant Partners Academy coaching membership, and our Relationship Rehab Intensive ($777/yr) coaching program.

There's something so magical and special about a live experience like this that helps our members stay inspired and helps them to fill any gaps in their understanding. And it gives us an opportunity to continue to level up our teaching content as we spread the ripples of what is possible with a true and brilliant partnership to dog parents who may be struggling right now with their dog -- or who just love the idea of kind, compassionate, consensual, and loving cooperation with their dogs instead of relying on training, rewards, behavior modification or corrections.

We will also offer the opportunity to continue to work with us in one of our established programs (mentioned above) to the dog moms in this workshop challenge. Of course, there is absolutely no obligation or pressure of any kind, that would not be aligned with our core values. But, we would absolutely LOVE to support every dog mom who can use a kind and caring guide on this journey to brilliant partnership.

Kathy and the Dancing Hearts team are committed to the vision of a safe, calm and happy life for dogs and those who care for them as deeply as we do. The success of our members is our passion and our mission. xo

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