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In this mini-course, I’m going to show you how you can start the transformational shift from: struggling to understand your dog’s difficult behavior, feeling confused as to what to do next … to feeling confident in knowing your next steps to fill your foundation gaps for trust, connection and cooperation with your dog.

I’ll be sending you the link to your next class and workbook each day. Please listen to the class and then complete your assignment each day, before moving on to the next class.
You can listen to your lessons right here on this page, OR you can download the audio onto your phone and listen on the go. Just click the download icon on the video player.  

Check your email inbox for your information. If you don’t receive my emails with your next class info, email us at help@dancingheartsdogacademy.com and we’ll personally send it to you. Be sure to put our email in your safe sender list or priority inbox to keep receiving your course. You might also need to whitelist my email, click here for instructions.

Lesson One:
Unleash the Power of Partnership with Your Dog

Busting three common myths about dog training, and what does it really mean to live in cooperation with our dogs, without relying on obedience training? 

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Next Up: What You'll Discover:

Understanding Your Dog: What's Happening Under the Surface?

Lesson 2

[Comes tomorrow]

Getting curious about our dog’s behavior…and find out what’s happening UNDER THE SURFACE, for a new level of understanding so that you can break the spiral of doubt, difficulty, and disconnection.

Social Learning and Co-Regulating
with Your Dog

Lesson 3

[Coming Soon]

What we do with our dogs often leaks trust, so let’s replace that with confidence and trust boosting partnership methods instead! I’ll teach you strategies that help your dog (and you!) AVOID meltdowns, and protection and survival behaviors.

How to Plan for Partnership Success
with Your Dog

Lesson 4

[Coming Soon]

In this class, I’ll teach you how to create a circle of safety and trust for you and your dog that reduces over-arousal, stress, anxiety, uncertainty, confusion … creating Safe, Calm and Happy™ instead!

How to Keep Going: The 5 Skills You Need to Master

Lesson 5

[Coming Soon]

Keep your momentum going to build your foundation with the skills from our Tree of Trust framework  … without obedience training … even if your dog is behaving badly, and even if you have tried everything and nothing has worked, and even if you don’t think it’s possible right now.

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“I am a new person!”

"My biggest insight is that I am the key to our success.

My dog is who he is and he is perfect just as he is. As such I don’t need to work on him, I need to work on me.

Since I began paying close attention to my thoughts and focusing on my process affirmation I have become a new person."

Emma B

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“It’s the best decision I’ve made in years!”

“I feel as if I can identify problems (thoughts, situations) much earlier and think about them - why am I thinking/feeling that, how can I change this situation so my dogs will not be over-aroused, etc.

My goal going into the program was to work on my mindset part of my partnership with Cliff so I could come to believe that we can succeed, and I certainly achieved that."

Sara R”

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“Our walk today was perfect!”

“"I understand my dogs a lot more and I try to think about their personality before I take any action with them to help our communication! I changed my mindset from I have to...to I love to!

Our play sessions are calmer, less barking, more fun! We are more in harmony since we are careful about the energy level of our activities. Thank you!"

Marie-Michelle C”

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