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Complete the Brilliant Dog Foundation Builders Course.
This course will give you your 4 Be-Core Daily Practices that will help to establish partnership as a way of life for you and your dog. You’ll be learning how to interrupt the overarousal/anxiety spiral and replace it with a clear path toward safe, calm and happy cooperation!

Visit the Get Started section.
After the questionnaire, you’ll take the PQ Quiz to learn which partnership Stage you and your dog are in right now. Then, you’ll get started with your Clarity Chart to stop any trust and confidence leaks you may have.

The Foundation Formula course.
It’s important to stay focused on the lessons in the Foundation Formula course to be sure you have all you need to build a solid foundation of partnership skills.

I recommend that you watch all 5 of the core FF Module Lessons as they are released … but in the Starting Partners stage, especially focus on Module 1 and Module 2 assignments and practice for maximum momentum.

Hand-picked MasterClasses.
Here you’ll find some hand-picked content that are perfect for supporting your progress in this stage. I recommend that you stick with these classes, rather than skipping around, or trying to watch them all so that you avoid overwhelm.

Starting Partners Stage MasterClasses:

  1. The Dance
  2. Personalities and Partnerships
  3. 12 Steps of the Walking Partners Dance
  4. Leash Walking in Partnership
  5. Partnership Lifestyle
  6. Brilliant Recalls the Partnership Way

*You can also build your own Watchlist for the MasterClasses that would be most relevant to your interests and needs.

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