Master Partners Lessons and Content


Master Partners Lessons and Content

  • Your Brilliant Partnership Requires Ongoing Support for Mastery.
    The monthly masterclasses, Q+A discussions, Clarity Clinics are all opportunities for you to continue to grow. Attending the BPA Live weekend workshop is highly recommended! Stay tuned for the opportunity to level up your impact on the world with Kathy’s Certification program.
  • The Foundation Formula course.
     Many of our Brilliant Partner level and beyond members take the FF course again and again! As you grow as a human and loving leader for your dog, your perspective will shift and you will find deeper nuanced wisdom contained in the FF lessons.

  • Hand-picked MasterClasses.
    Here you’ll find some hand-picked content that are perfect for supporting your progress in this stage. I recommend that you stick with these classes, rather than skipping around, or trying to watch them all so that you avoid overwhelm.

Start with these MasterClasses:

  1. 4 Partnership Truths
  2. Deep Partnership: Heart of Leadership
  3. Awe – Be Inspired by Awe
  4. Slumps and Plateaus

Meet the Trainer

M Eldridge