Your Master Partners Journey


You have a soul-level connection with your dog … know that mastery is ongoing … and are ready to have a greater impact with certification.

The Transformation:

From hoping this partnership will hold up … to confidently enjoying life and having new adventures together with your dog.

The Teaching:
This stage is all about implementing and embedding your partnership lifestyle. You know there is so much more to learn from your dogs, and your mind and your heart are open to explore deeper understanding and a soul-level connection with your dogs … and to share what you have learned.

Focus on these lessons and skills for maximum momentum through your journey as Master Partners:

FOCUS: Deep, soul-level exploration of human-canine relationships, mind/body connection, intuitive and holistic wisdom … and the opportunity to become a Certified Dancing Hearts Ambassador.

SKILLS: Connect to Dogs as Kindred Spirits, Guides and Teachers; Expanded Holistic Tools; Intuitive Communication; Personality Types and Partnership; Certification Program.

The Results:

  • You and your dog are thriving as partners and can easily navigate your way through any behavior, performance or miscommunication struggle that ever crops up. 
  • Any new sport or activity that you venture into is fun and easy because of your deep trust and collaborative partnership. 
  • You are ready to have a greater impact for dogs and their people by becoming Certified so you can include Kathy’s methods into your own work … and so that you can leave a lasting legacy in the world.

Meet the Trainer

M Eldridge