Promising Partners Lessons and Content

  • The Foundation Formula course.
    It’s important to stay focused on the lessons in the Foundation Formula course to be sure you have all you need to build a solid foundation of partnership skills.

    I recommend that you watch all 5 of the core FF Module Lessons as they are released. The FF lessons are the building blocks for all of the more advanced masterclasses. (well, all of the masterclasses) :) 
  • Hand-picked MasterClasses.
    Here you’ll find some hand-picked content that are perfect for supporting your progress in this stage. I recommend that you stick with these classes, rather than skipping around, or trying to watch them all so that you avoid overwhelm.

Continue with these MasterClasses:

  1. Partnership Lifestyle
  2. Mistakes: The Good, Bad, Necessary
  3. 8 Principles of Brilliant Partnership
  4. Awe – Be Inspired by Awe

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