Your BPA Promising Partners Journey


You now have a deeper heart connection and mind/body balance in your partnership, opening your world of adventures.

The Transformation:

From stressed, worried, feeling like a failure or blaming yourself or your dog … to having a deep heart connection and mind/body balance that enables you to see your dog as your teacher, while continuing to nurture your role as a role model and loving leader.

The Teaching:
Principles of Holistic Balance including calming Touch, Balance Leash, Diet/Exercise for Balance, Aromatherapy and Flower Essences in your toolkit to help you and your dog find more lasting balance.

Focus on these lessons and skills for maximum momentum through your journey as Promising Partners:

FOCUS: Deeper Connection, holistic balance and mindset to further bridge the gap to your brilliant partnership!

SKILLS: Mind/Body Connection, Emotional Balance, Deeper Heart Connection, The Leash Connection and Walking Dance.

The Results: 

  • Your dog will feel supported and better able to cope, while learning to be your calm and eager partner. 
  • Your dog will feel more loved and be more loving. 
  • You will know how to use simple holistic tools to help you and your dog get more connected and balanced.
  • You are practicing the Walking Dance and able to be the leader your dog needs when faced with moderately challenging situations.

Meet the Trainer

M Eldridge