Your BPA Brilliant Partners Journey


You have a deep connection and a new level of harmony and understanding that allows you and your dog to go anywhere together.

The Transformation:

From the stress of searching for answers to fix your rocky relationship and struggling communication  … to an easy and fun collaborative partnership with your dog that flows like second nature.

The Teaching:
Principles of Collaboration, Common Purpose, Deeply Defined Partnership for each Partner, Partnership based Training framework.

Focus on these lessons and skills for maximum momentum through your journey as Brilliant Partners:

FOCUS: Collaboration with common purpose between you and your dog.

SKILLS: Walking Partners Dance – On The Road; Rule of 3’s Training Framework; Mindset and Collaboration in Any Circumstance.

The Results: 

  • Your dog eagerly follows your lead in most circumstances and is capable and responsible for making good choices in daily life. 
  • Your dog walks with you in balance and seeks/follows your guidance and leadership in any challenging circumstance. 
  • You deeply understand your dog and stay heart-connected most of the time. 
  • You are competent at leading your dog out of or through any difficult or challenging circumstance that you face together. 
  • You always choose based on protecting and building trust and confidence, which flows deep and strong.

Meet the Trainer

M Eldridge