TP Intensive 2 – Holistic Tools Balance for You and Your Dog

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Part 1. Plants, Flowers You and Your Dog

You can use flowers, plants, essences and oils to clear blocks and bring you and your dog back to harmony and balance. First it starts with knowing where you are, and defining what you’d like to change. We can raise our vibration, harmonizing with the plant world like a tuning fork.

You and your dog have 2 main aspects to consider: Genetics/Personality and Life Experiences. Both of these influence our present condition and response to what life brings us.

Part 2: The Elements of Balance

Now let’s look at the TCM “5 Elements” and “Yin/Yang” perspective on Personality, Life Experience, balancing foods, and challenges that may occur in your relationship with your dog, and in your training/performance challenges.

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