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#HELPDOC! Resource List of Common Behavior Struggles (Yours and Your Dogs!) and the Links to Learn More

Here you will find a list of topics with common challenges that you and your dog might be facing, together with links to Kathy’s Podcast Episodes, her Blog Posts, Masterclasses, Coaching Replays, BeePee FB Group Discussion/Coaching Threads … where you can find answers and guidance instantly, for any help you need.

We will be constantly updating and adding to this list, so check back regularly.

Here’s the direct link to the #HELPDOC list:

Enlightened by Dogs Podcast

Each week, Kathy share insights, tips, and give support for living a partnership lifestyle with our dogs. Subscribe to her popular show Enlightened by Dogs on your favorite podcast app! You can also listen right on the website if apps aren’t your thing.

Link to podcast website: https://dancingheartsdogacademy.com/podcast/

BPA – PDQ Assessment

Be sure to do a new assessment each quarter, so that you can update what to focus on to level up your partnership lifestyle.  This is the assessment that determines your current Partnership Stage. (also see the separate lesson below for more info about the PDQ)


Balanced Life Activity Planner PDF

This pdf guides you to plan a life that is balanced for your dog, with plenty of sleep and the right amount of exercise, enrichment, and chill time! Implementing this protocol is one of your keystone partnership lifestyle principles!! Definitely download this pdf asap.

(download pdf below)

Name Game / Dance Invitation Protocol PDF

This pdf is a quick guide and outline to one of your most important BPA partnership foundations: the exact steps for beginning your daily practice of the Name Game and Dance Invite.

(download pdf below)

The pdf resources below are NOT to be completed in this or any particular order…they are here only so that you can easily find them when you are ready. Your focus as a new member should be on the Foundation Formula modules, after the Love Trust Grow course.


We need to get clarity on which activities will help us build trust and confidence … and turn off that faucet that leaks it all out!!

The plan is to:

1. Minimize, Pause or Eliminate activities that are not helpful for the long-term relationship/partnership we want with our dogs …

2. Do more of the activities that are helpful, and will build our confidence, increase the level of trust and are clearly leading us toward our desired outcome.

Your workbook leads you through the steps of listing your current activities … then sorting them into one of the three buckets – Minimize – Eliminate – Affirmative!

This process will set you and your dog up for success in a big way … truly!! It works every time!

Start with making a list of your ‘usual’ activities and then assessing each one for trust and confidence building.

TIP: Download the pdf, then open with Adobe Reader to be able to edit and save the document. Make multiple copies if you’d like to make one for different dogs. :)


Brilliant Partners Academy – Refer Your Friends!

If you love BPA, and want to invite your friends to join, have them get on the waitlist!

Here’s the link you can give to them: https://dancinghearts.link/bpainvite

Top Experts on The Power of Partnership ebook

This ebook tells the story of how a trusting relationship influences training, performance and lifestyle with our dogs. Tapping into experts perspectives, as well as Kathy’s own experiences with her ‘heart’ dog who helped her shape her body of work…this book will help you to more deeply understand the importance of trust and collaboration. Download your copy below!

Stuck at Home Survival Guide for Dog Moms ebook

How to ENJOY being stuck at home with your dogs even if they’re driving you crazy…
Stuck at Home “Survival Guide” for Dog Moms! 

PS: If you’d love to share this Stuck at Home Survival Guide with your [non-BPA] Dog Mom friends, please send them to this page where they can get their own copy: https://dancinghearts.link/stuckathome

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