BPA MasterClass: The 5 Roles (part 2)


Topic: The Art of Leadership part 2: The Five Roles
A Model for Socially Intelligent Leadership

This is part 2 of a 3-part series of masterclasses that will take us deeper into the Art and Science of Partnership and Socially Intelligent Leadership.

In our modern corporate and educational culture, command-and-control forms of leadership are becoming less relevant and are on their way to becoming impotent and (hopefully) one day obsolete.

Much has been written about the importance of emotional and social intelligence … and about leadership and about the science of relationships.

It’s my dream that I can help bring these contemporary models into our world of dogs, transforming the way we think about creating a thriving and brilliant life with our dogs.

This month’s topic is modeled after the work of Linda Kohanov and I am excited to continue on our journey of exploring this important topic.

We’ll cover the 5 Roles, the key elements of our role as leading partner and how our dogs fit into the roles … and the types of behavior

Topic: Leading Partner Secrets to Fast Track Your Success

You are a winner! And, yes, you are a Learner too!


This session will be an interactive discussion that includes:

  • My #1 leading partner skill that changed my life once I figured it out
  • The biggest mistake that partners make that keep them stuck
  • How to leverage your best skill to level up quickly

You’ll come away with your own process plan to level up your personal leading partnership skills!

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M Eldridge