Video: Q+A Discussion with Kathy 3/18


Video: Q+A Discussion with Kathy

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Q & A 18 March

#QQ by Michelle Hunter
Theme:  Doing to Dance invite with small dogs
I’m having a hard time working on the walking dance with my little dogs. I’m working with each dog separately. They are tiny 5 pound dogs and are very low to the ground so I’m taping my leg and my dog starts jumping up my leg. I know there confused and I’m not sure how to help them understand what I’m communicating. Any suggestions?

#QQ by Michelle Hunter
Theme:  Small dog controlling the multi-dog household
I’m finding it challenging working on my family unit (me and my three dogs) while not turning on the Leakey faucet. My 5 pound dog wants just me all the time to the point she charges at and bites my Shepard/husky. He just shys away and goes in his kennel. I do kennel the small dog so I can spend time alone with my bigger dog one on one. When she starts guarding me or the couch or not wanting the other dog to come say hi to me , I immediately stand up and leave the room ; however, when she runs after him and bites him I’m finding this hard to communicate to her that we don’t act like that and to my big dog that I got this, you can trust me. If I try to step in between the small dog just runs through or around my feet.

#QQ by Sherry Palmer
Theme: Keeping my dogs with me when they see another dog they know
Out hiking with Gunner & Gemma we ran to a known balanced dog (Millie) – I asked for G&G to walk with me (everyone was off leash at the time) as we approached the other dog. They took a few slow steps with me but then as soon as they realized it was a ‘friend’ they took off after her in excitement. I didnt bother to call them as I knew it was not going to stop them. How should I handle this in the future? Also same day about 20 minutes later Gunner spotted a car coming into the parking lot and took off and Gemma swiftly followed (UGH) I yelled out come on lets go Millie is leaving – Gemma came running and I loved on her Gunner stopped in his tracks staring at the car. Im at a loss so I blew my whistle (that works at home) nothing…eventually I started talking all cutsie and saying yeah Millie Yeah Gemma and eventually he came and we finished our walk and he never looked back…Other than keeping him leashed on hikes what else can I do in these 2 situations…sorry such a long question

TIME STAMP:  44:07

#QQ by Akira Raven
Theme: Dog not wanting to come back inside – scanning environment
We have a big front porch which our dog loves, whenever we want her to come in or even when she wants to come in, she must go out to the edges of the porch scan everywhere before coming in, this can be seconds or minutes long. When it is minus 16 degrees out, like it was this morning we do not want to be standing here with the door open. Can you help me understand what is going through her head and what would be your first baby steps, to help her feel like she does not need to do this. I have tried closing the door and opening it again, she will do this every time. Thank-you so much

TIME STAMP:  52:33

#QQ by Linda Stokes
Theme:  My dog doesn’t seem to be responding to my leadership
I have a tiny schnauzer/poodle that saved me in much the same way that Haley saved you and I couldn’t love her any more than I do. In return she has trained me very well and owns me when we are in the house but when we are out she becomes very independent and is often busy doing her own thing. I have started implementing the loving leader concept which has already had an effect on my other dog but as yet not much on her. I know I have spoilt her rotten and I am reluctant to correct her and she takes full advantage of it. She also gets very anxious when there are other people around and always asks to be picked up. Where do I start with her to be more attentive when we are out and less when we are home.

TIME STAMP: 1:01:19

#RANT Partners Don’t Pull Partners
Not a question, but something Kathy talked about which is very important
Theme:  Leash walking – being attentive and respectful when our dogs are on leash
TIME STAMP: 1: 04:14

#QQ by John Beckers

We’ve started using the name game and dance invitation and he reacts so well! Jordy is scared of a lot of things, but has never shown any fear agression. We’ve used babysteps to expose him to new things since the beginning, but feel we need to work on our leadership as we’re still encountering quite a few issues:

Theme:  What to do with your dog while we can’t go on walks, but reacts in the back yard and can’t go in the car because he gets car sick

Most importantly; to avoid his triggers, we’d have to keep him in the (large) backyard. However, he goes crazy with energy if we do (used to two one hour walks a day). He stops playing very quickly when we try to do that instead. Worse; he’s scared of our neighbour (all people, really) and we can’t really close off that end of the garden.Walking the other way worked when he would react to something. But he seems to be responding to us walking away less and less, perhaps because he knows the area well and (thinks he) knows where we are going. We tried hiding, but the same thing seems to happen. Going to a new place is difficult because he gets carsick, we give him Primatour for that, but I don’t want to give that to often.

TIME STAMP: 1:36:07

ThemeGetting used to wearing a harness

He hates wearing his harness, we think because he was caught as a puppy (always has hated it). We very slowly got him used to it, but he still hates it. As that was a confidence leak, we’ve stopped using it, however when taking the car we will need it for safety. What are some other ways to get him more used to it, we’ve tried playing near it, treats, etc. As long as he doesn’t think he’ll have to wear it, he doesn’t care (even tried to play with it)!

TIME STAMP 1:42:37



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