Video: Interview with Sue Mimm


Video: Interview with Sue Mimm

Camping, hiking, adventures, dog sports, snuggle buddy …

That was what Sue dreamed of when she adopted Charlie.

“But, it soon became apparent that Charlie was totally overwhelmed by everything in his new environment, especially traffic, rides in the car and noises.

When we were out, he would pull desperately on the lead in an attempt to flee from any situation that made him uncomfortable.

And, on the other hand, he was insanely driven to chase at the sight of any wildlife, domestic stock, birds, and cats!

I have had many different breeds from Maltese Poodles to Ridgebacks and everything in between, but I had never had a dog who was one minute bound by fear and the next in a flat out hunting chase.

Family walks were impossible…

I was exhausted, humiliated and frustrated.

And desperate enough to think about bringing him back to the shelter.”

Fast forward to the present, after Sue enrolled in the Brilliant Partners Academy, Sue writes:

” Our trust and confidence in each other has expanded exponentially, and yes, we are now living the first chapters of our dream…

we go on fun family walks and hikes in the mountains and forests,

…he is our snuggle buddy, the family clown …

and we are partnering together and participating in Nosework, Trick Training andTreibball.”

So how did all this happen?

Watch the video replay to find out!