Video: Interview with Cindy Tracy


Video: Interview with Cindy Tracy

All my hopes and dreams were going down the drain…

That’s what Cindy Tracy felt about her dog Lyric.

Initially, it was like a dream come true…
She loved her immediately as soon as Lyric arrived at the airport from Nebraska.
…Cutest little sable GSD ever as she puts it.
But then, Lyric turned out to be very reactive to people…AND dogs!
And what started as a dream quickly turned into a nightmare.

…Reactive dog classes.

…Obedience classes.

…Private 3 day training camp…
…Veterinary behaviorist.

You name it, she tried it.
And yet…Nothing seemed to work.

If anything, it only made the situation worse.
…Devastated, she came to the conclusion that Lyric will never be able to go out of the house calmly … nor could Cindy hope to have guests come to her home.

Dreams dashed because …


Now fast forward to today and their partnership has blossomed into a fruitful one allowing them to enjoy life, something Cindy thought they’d never be able to do.

And they even got to do their favorite thing – agility!

They came home with five 1st place finishes on their first trial together!
So how did all this happen?

Cindy is going to share her insights about what it took to finally have a breakthrough with Lyric in today’s interview.