Video: Class #2: Your Partnership Foundation


Class #2: Your Partnership Foundation

When you implement what I’m going to teach you today … everything will start to change … and your trust and confidence will begin to soar!!

“such an apparently simple step as the Name Game and the Dance Invitation is MASSIVE! It’s so easy to practice during the day. My 1yo collie was off lead and went to go visit other dogs at the community hall. I was told to go grab her. Instead I turned around, went away from her as I did the first step of the dance. It worked every time and we maintained our trust in each other! I am so pleased.”

This Partnership Foundation class will add on the next layer…

We’re going to cover:

1. The 3 things your dog wants more than anything! (including more than the best treat, toy play etc)

2. The #1 mistake we make that sabotages our recalls and what to do instead.

3. The 3 P’s overview.

4. The first DANCE step.

And more!!

It’s gonna be good!!