Video: Class #4: Next Step To Your Brilliant Partnership


Class #4: Next Step To Your Brilliant Partnership

It’s the 24th Anniversary of a very special St. Patrick’s Day in my life.

I was gifted with a big reason to celebrate and I’d like to extend the same level of gratitude and appreciation that Scott has shown.


Because aside from the fact that it’s a special <heart> week for me, it just so happens that this celebration also includes my sheltie Haley (at the rainbow bridge) and my hubby Joe.

Yep, the BIG loves of my life.

Plus, I’m celebrating you … and all of the amazing dog enthusiasts that have joined us to learn more about partnership building.

And ALL THAT made me realize and appreciate the blessings in my life and how lucky I am to be able to touch and impact other people’s lives in a positive way.

It also made me grateful for my friends, family, my dogs, and all the people around me who made a big impact in my life …

… and that list includes YOU.

P.S. And the story! My sheltie completely changed the course of my life that fateful St. Patrick’s day…you won’t want to miss this! <3