Video: Class #1: The Power of Partnership


“…She knew conventional thinking was wrong. Even before living with and studying chimpanzees, Jane Goodall said a “wonderful teacher” taught her that animals do have thinking minds, emotions, unique personalities.

“That teacher was my dog Rusty,” she said.”

Does that get you thinking about the ‘dogma’ of dog training too?

What if we redefine ‘dog training’???

What if we think about ‘training’ in a way that deeply respects our dogs as thinking, feeling, socially intelligent animals … who, BECAUSE of their high level of social intelligence, naturally strive to be cooperative?

This is the first class in our workshop series.

I’ll share lessons that will crack open your mind and your heart about what your dog really needs from you.

Hint: it’s not more training.

Love to you and your dogs,

Kathy xo