Q&A and Case Study Interviews March 30th


Q&A and Case Study Interviews March 30th
Behavior Case Studies 💕Live Interviews
We have a POWER HOUSE of Heroes this weekend. OMG
These women are my heroes. Truly.💟💟💟💟💟💟
Ulla, who brought sweet Bela from her countryside home to life in the big city.
Let’s just say it didn’t go so well…
Bela was so fearful of the city life that she was in constant flight mode. Both of their stress buckets were over-flowing!
Poor Bela was miserable, and Ulla felt terrible that she couldn’t help her … feeling more and more frustrated that her beautiful dog didn’t trust her enough to keep her safe from even the most ordinary things.
Now … Ulla knows how to meet Bela’s real needs and how to appreciate her and to truly listen … and life has become fun again!
Then we have the wonderful Cecile … who shares her life with beautiful Aussies.
She was struggling with the eager Shaddai, who loved a good bunny chase and just wouldn’t listen…
And then the puppy Bliss, who is a bit anxious and fearful, which results in that frantic type of behavior I’ve been talking about.
Just to make it interesting … 
Cecile did NOT want to try partnership because it went against everything she had been taught about fixing through positive training.
She’s a professional dog trainer, and has always had success with positive training.
But, her curiosity about partnership won out … and now …
Cecile is feeling confident with the partnership lifestyle and learning to listen to her dogs … knowing that together, life is going to keep getting better and better!
Corine has truly struggled with her independent Floss…reactive, anxious, easily over-aroused…
Even though Corine and Floss did well in their reactive dog classes and pack walks … in the real world … not so much. 
It was still a big struggle that left Corine feeling deflated and worried.
Now, they are learning how to dialog, to truly communicate with one another and to find joy in every day life!
And what about Mary?
Her lovely border collie Flicka turned into a puppy biting machine … which continued to evolve into living in a state of over-arousal …
Nothing was working to get Flicka to calm down, to listen, to relax …
and Mary was getting more and more stressed, worried and upset because she felt she had somehow broken her dog.
Dreams of agility, herding and heelwork to music were fading farther and farther away.
These days … Mary is learning how to be a loving leader and figuring out how to keep their stress buckets low … while she and her dog do fun things together and their partnership keeps getting stronger.
These courageous women are going to share their stories and the steps they took/are taking to turn their life around.
Come on live with us to support them, and to ask questions about their process of baby steps.
Live steam in the FB group.
Saturday, March 30th, 1:00pm Chicago time.
See you then!




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