Leash Walking in Partnership


Deeper Discussion and Troubleshooting the Walking Dance
There’s been a lot of questions about this topic … like how to use the leash properly … how does loose leash walking fit it? … what to do when my dog is triggered and we’ve lost it … What kind of leash, collar, harness? What are the steps for making progress?

I have assembled a video with discussion and demos from BPA Live, plus a short leash how to … it’s about 40 minutes for Part 1. Then in Parts 2, I’m addressing common questions and showing demos on how-to … and laying out the full Protocol.

The video 3 discussion is from BPA Live where we are demonstrating the correct way to turn your dog away from a trigger of any kind … including the WHY we do it that way.

We also demonstrate how to handle your dog when your dog does not want to turn away, and keeps trying to get around you.

The updated workbook includes links to specific topics in the #helpdoc and to a post where we fully discuss options for where to walk your dog when walking is difficult … and how to replace the walking with other enrichment.

I’ve also included the 7 Step QuickStart Guide pdf for easy reference for how to get started with walking in partnership.


Remember: Leash Walking is at the top of the list of difficulty for many, if not most, dogs. It’s really, really hard.

We must start with baby steps to teach our dog/puppy to walk in balance at our side in a way that is positive, affirming and partnership-enhancing.

That means baby steps.

Start with teaching your dog to LOVE being at your side, facing forward with you in every day life.

Just like everything else, when we take small, reinforcing steps toward our desired outcome …

We get there easier, faster and with more fun and enjoyment along the way.

It’s when we jump ahead and expect our dog to ‘know’, and then get disappointed or frustrated when they don’t behave as expected that we are leaking trust and confidence.

Baby steps ROCK! 🚀


This is why I like the Lupine step-in harness if your dog needs a harness, vs a buckle collar. Lifetime guarantee too.

Link to the harness: 

This is the type of collar that I like. Buckle, sturdy, with a top ring:

And this is the type of good sturdy 6 ft leather leash that I use: https://amzn.to/2JHB117

Long line rope that I like: 

Wrapping Your Leash into a Body Slip Harness:

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