BPA MasterClass: Art of Leadership (part 1)


Topic: The Art of Leadership
The Heart and Soul of a Trusting Partnership

This is part 1 of a 3-part series of masterclasses that will take us deeper into the Art and Science of Partnership and Socially Intelligent Leadership.

We’re all familiar with terms like ‘pecking order’ or ‘pack dynamics/alpha/dominant leader’ …

… and social organization based on dominance hierarchies is a common discussion when humans talk about Leadership.

The need to show our ‘dominance’ over our dogs has been accepted as ‘truth’ and can be seen in our everyday language surrounding dog training.

People still speak of dog training in terms that imply a power struggle:

we “housebreak” them …

we make a dog “obedient”…

dogs try to “dominate” us …

they need to “obey” our “commands”…

we “correct” them if they are wrong.

That’s old, proven to be wrong, ineffective information.

The reality is that what really happens in a socially intelligent group is …

Consensual Leadership.

Translated as “sensing together” consensual leadership draws on the wisdom of everyone involved.

When a social animal is uncertain or triggered by what is happening – we naturally look to the individual who is most calm and centered in that situation.

In plain terms, leadership is awarded to the most helpful leader in each circumstance.

This is the topic that will kick us off on this exciting journey of exploring this important topic.

Meet the Trainer

M Eldridge