BPA MasterClass – Love Trust Grow Challenge (May 2022) Workshop Replays


The 5-Day Trust Love Grow Challenge will give you the first steps you need to grow a partnership lifestyle built with love, trust and deep understanding between you and your dog.

And that, my friend, it what leads to a better bond, better behavior and a brilliant life for you and your dog.

With these 5 lessons, I’m going to be teaching you our 4 Core Daily Practices that when you do every day, are going to change your life!

It’s time to put some common sense back into how we live cooperatively with our dogs.

The 4 Daily Practices will help you to

  • Be curious – so you better understand your dog’s behavior and open the door to dialog and cooperation.
  • Be a good listener – so you know exactly how to stay calm and connected with your dog
  • Be a trustworthy leader – so you and your dog easily co-regulate
  • Be safe, calm and happy – so that you can know exactly how to plan balanced life activities for your dog.

Do these 4 Daily Practices, and you’ll feel like you have a simple and clear path toward a brilliant life with your dog.

These 4 daily practices are important because what you do to get your dog to be cooperative is what you must WANT to do for the rest of your life with your dog. These daily practices feel good, are simple, and they remove all the confusing obedience training rules … and allow you the freedom to live with your dog in ways that you both love…and always will.

Here’s what I know to be true:

In spite of our differences, dogs and humans are very much alike. We are both sentient, socially-adapted mammals who thrive in loving family units where trust in one another helps us all to feel safe, calm and happy.

That means our primary role as dog moms is to grow and protect trust and confidence in us and in our dogs … which leads to calm, connected and mindful behavior … for everyone!

During this Love, Trust, Grow Challenge, I will be leading you to plant seeds of trust and guide you to make a plan for nurturing those seeds for a lifetime of joy with your dogs.

My vision for you is that you discover how my partnership method based on love, trust and understanding creates a life where you and your dog feel safe, calm and happy …

…even if your dog is sensitive, reactive, distracted, over-threshold, anxious … and even if you’ve tried everything!

My holistic, heart-connected partnership method has helped change the lives of thousands of people and their dogs … and I am so eager to share this with you!

Let’s get started with Lesson 1, and our 1st Daily Practice…