BPA FF Module 3 – Competence


Competence: Responsibility of Partnership

Lesson 3 brings us to the place of getting competent as our dog’s leading partner. 

We’ll learn about how to reward your dog to maximize ‘YOU’ as the primary reward. And, there are some important training principles that I’ll share with you this week, including a discussion of positive vs permissive…and the 95% Rule. 

I’m going to share with you my experience with teaching our dogs to be responsible vs teaching them to be obedient. There is a time and place for obedience, for sure…and the same for tricks. But, understanding the difference and making choices on what to use where is going to transform your partnership with your dog.

This lesson includes a video of me playing fetch with my dogs as a group. And, the Partnership Practice includes instructions on how to get started with your own dogs.

I know you’ll really enjoy this lesson!


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