BPA FF Module 2 – Clarity


This lesson brings Clarity to your communication. I like to think of clarity as adding depth to your dialog, to take your communication with your dog to a new level.

In addition to the why and how of clarity…I share some personal stories to help you understand the concepts and principles. When you are finished watching the video, I invite you to think of situations in your own life with dogs, and apply the Clarity lesson to your own stories…see if you can rewrite the next chapter of YOUR story!

This video has a long clip of me working with Raven, and then Raven and Clark. You’ll see me use the 3P’s and practice The Dance…and play the Name Game. First with just Raven, then with two dogs.

While you’re watching that clip, pay attention to my P’s, and to responses of my dogs…and see if you can pick out adjustments that I make as we dialog.

The next part of the video clip shows me with 3 of my dogs, Maya, Sue and Luc, out in the field. I’m interacting with them and using my P’s as we hang out in the field. The first part includes my audio, the second part has no audio, so that you can really focus on my P’s and how we are in the dialog loop. I invite you to watch and learn from all of our interactions. Then, go out and practice with your own dogs!!


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