Communication: The Language of Partnership


This module we are focusing on Communication and the Language of Partnership. The video presents the information, concepts AND includes some video clips of me and my dogs.

There is a LOT of information in the video — there are details and layers that you may not absorb the first time around. I suggest that you watch it more than once!

One of the clips shows me working with my two youngsters, Raven and Clark. I think it would be helpful to know that they have never had that type of a ‘training session with treats’ with me!  They ARE very competent at eagerly running to me when they hear me say their name, and that was learned simply from living life together.

We do have a morning ‘cookie toss’ with all 8 of my dogs together, where everyone learns to take turns, and where I always use the names of the puppies, so they associate their name with something good.

The clip where you see the group of dogs being released through the gate is something that all of my dogs learn from the time they come to me…whether they are adults or puppies. So, Raven and Clark have been waiting like that since they were 8 weeks old. 

The dogs are NOT on command. They have learned to be attentive and responsible. The beauty is that this enhances their eagerness and drive. They are awesome, top level herding dogs, which means they have balanced focus…between listening to me and reading, working the sheep.

Another point I’d like you to keep in mind is that most of the time, my dogs are learning things as a group. We do sheep training individually, of course. My point is that my dogs learn to be responsible and to stay connected to me no matter the distractions. 

I use treats when I am teaching my puppies to ‘be happily contained’, like loading up into their crates at home or in the van. And, I use treats when puppies are learning how to come to my hands in a large and distracting group of dogs. That’s about it. 

We work on partnership and connection as a way of life.

What I will be leading you through for the next 5 modules will show you how to get started with your own dogs!

Next up: Your Module 1 Video Lesson.

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