BPA FF Module 1 Communication Key Points


Key Points:

  1. Communication is the successful exchange of information, ideas and feelings.
  2. You can teach your dog to be an attentive partner by consciously communicating with them every single time you interact.
  3. Effective communication with your dog uses all elements including; common language, your influence, ‘The Dance’ and interactive dialog.
  4. The language of partnership leads to a circle of understanding and cooperation.
  5. We can influence our dogs easily with the Mirror Effect. The Mirror Effect means that dogs will copy/emulate how we are, what we are focused on, what we do.
  6. Paying attention to your dog’s body language and facial expressions can give us a window to their emotions.
  7. Learn to be congruent by aligning all aspects of yourself through body language, expression and emotions.
  8. Learning to be patient by waiting for your dog’s responses and allowing then to make choices, is key skill to brilliant partnership.
  9. The Interactive Dialog Loop involves: preparation, getting feedback from your dog and, adjusting when necessary.
  10. Using the 3P’s means using your Position, Posture and Presence to communicate
  11. Using the Name Game we can teach our dogs to LOVE their name and can teach us to be attentive to setting your dog up for success.
  12. L-O-V-E your dog’s good choices.  This will automatically expand more good choices from your dog.

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