Creative Alchemy Passion Plan

You're Invited to Join Us and Make 2022
Your Best Year Ever!


Creative Alchemy Passion Plan

A heart-guided workshop for getting in touch with your dreams and bringing them to life.

Creative Alchemy Passion Plan is the only program of its kind that guides you to intentionally create more freedom, more success, more of all you dream about ... for a heart-centered life that you love!

Let’s Talk About Who This Is For…
You’re a heart-centered woman ready to live your dream life! A life where you smile often, dream big, laugh a lot, stay true to your heart, work hard … and realize how blessed you are for what you have.
That’s just why I’ve created this awesome program for you, for me, for US…
This program will…
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"I'm so glad I joined this program!"

This has been an amazingly transformational year thanks to being able to clearly define my heart-goals and having the support to making them reality.
How did my life NOT change? What I really wanted was harmony in my house with my dogs and I have that now. My house is peaceful and calm. My training classes have grown beyond all expectations. I am writing a book! And I am a better person.
I have a whole new appreciation for how fabulous and blessed my life is. Understanding that everyday is a gift, and it changes everything.
I had no idea when I signed up for this class that this is where I would be a year later. Content, working toward long buried dreams and watching them come true. WOW!
Kathy, a giant thank you!”

By the End of This Program, You'll Have Created Your "NORTH STAR" Playbook for 2022...

Including these key star points for a rich and happy life:


Including Your Dogs! You want to be the best and most brilliant partner you can be for your dogs and others in your life.


You want to level up your career, business, vocation. Freedom for where and how you want to live, play, travel...and make the world better!


You want to be in the best possible shape, feeling vibrant, and having the energy for what you want to experience in your life!


You want to pay off those bills, get comfortable and build wealth for you, your family and to easily support the causes you care about.


You dream of being connected to what deeply matters to you ... and living a life of heart-connection, gratitude and awe!


If you have a dream or passion of any kind ... or you don't know exactly what you want ... but you're ready to find out!

Here's How We'll Create Our Best Year Ever ...

[Dream + Vision + Plan + Baby Steps + Belief]
= OMG I Love My Life!

So: what IS it that you dream about but are afraid to believe is possible? Or even afraid to dream about? Where do you REALLY want to go in your life but aren’t sure how to start? What would TRULY make you happy, but you don’t believe you can have?
CAPP will guide you to find your answers and help you to make a plan to get there … with love, inspiration and lots of support!

We’ll be following our Creative Alchemy Formula:

1. Dream BIG.

2. Plan From Your HEART.

3. Take Daily ACTION in baby steps.

4. Believe You Can! Stay connected to your dream, every day.

5. Live YOUR Dreams … starting today!

"Having goals for body, mind and spirit was new to me. I've always been goal oriented as an athlete, but pulling those 3 goals together into one symbiotic, flowing plan is brilliant."

Where we were starting to plan for retirement, now we are not sure we will have jobs…

It was time to find my passion because I realized I was living in a comfy place, but always waiting for the weekend.

Having goals for body, mind and spirit was new to me. I’ve always been goal oriented as an athlete, but seemingly always towards a work goal or sports goal. Pulling those 3 goals together into one symbiotic, flowing plan is brilliant.

Understanding the importance of balance is what helped me so much. 

 It has truly helped me to see silver linings and the biggest phrase that has come from CAPP that I use many times in a work day …

… you cannot control what happens, but you can be responsible and in control of your response to that event.

 That alone has changed my perspective. I have overcome hesitations and fear and stood up for myself instead of sitting back and being upset because something wasn’t my choice. I am learning to let go of what I cannot control.

The poster and alchemy box were fun and promoted a lot of thoughtfulness. It’s interesting to watch the changes to the box or poster as I grow thru this process.

I’m now: Relaxed. Less pressure and stress. I am learning that I’ll be ok no matter what happens at work.

 I am excited for the future but content and loving my present.”


Creating a year and a life you love starts here.

Two half days of dreaming, hanging out with friends, planning YOUR dream life ... so much fun!

So: what IS it that you dream about but are afraid to believe is possible? Or even afraid to dream about? Where do you REALLY want to go in your life but aren’t sure how to start? What would TRULY make you happy, but you don’t believe you can have?
CAPP will guide you to find your answers and help you to make a plan to get there … with love, inspiration and lots of support!

Your Creative Alchemy Adventure has two fun parties...

Our all new, updated workshop is designed to maximize fun and creatively getting in touch with your heart-dreams and inspire you to bring them to life!

We'll be creating, breaking out into small pods for sharing ... and we are going to have lots of fun kicking off 2022! Join us!

PART 1: Renew – Release – Rediscover
Saturday, January 1st  – 11:30am to 2:00pm (Chicago time)
This class will lead you to:
Celebrate Your Life by acknowledging the gifts in your life and allow gratitude to expand in your life…preparing you to receive more of life’s gifts. When we feel gratitude, we feel abundant…and that allows us to share our abundance with others. Abundance comes in many forms…not just in areas of money. Compassion, acceptance, patience, kindness, personal achievement are just a few that come to mind.
Release Your Obstacles. An important step to create your dreams is to identify and clear clutter in 5 key areas of your life. Just like cleaning out your closet…you need to make room for the new you want to attract to your life. The first step of intending to make room is so powerful and liberating! The exercise we do in this class will get you started with momentum.
– Kick-start the new year with a fun Release and Renewal Ceremony…when you’ll choose all the attributes and attitudes you want to leave behind (release) … and all those you want to expand. We’ll ceremoniously turn them over to mother earth for release and for expansion. So, so liberating!

– Define Your North Star. Explore to what really matters to you at this time in your life…connecting to your true heart’s desires. What lights you up, makes you smile, brings you comfort and joy? On the other hand, what makes you unhappy, causes drama, frustration? We want to get conscious of these things and make intention choices for a fulfilling life. Plus you’ll define what you want and how you want to show up for each of the 6 points of your North Star. So powerful!

PART 2: Passion and Purpose
Sunday, January 2nd 11:30am to 2:00pm (Chicago time)
Now it’s time to:
Declare Your Dreams
Make Your Magic
Proclaim Your Passion
Plan Your Purpose
Connect to your heart to get in touch with what really matters to you — guided contemplations will bring clarity and set the stage for making your plans!
This class will lead you to:
Create Your Alchemy Box. Such Fun! Your alchemy box will hold your heart’s treasures, your Dream Seeds…providing a loving container to nurture and grow your dreams in the new year. This is a most important step…the trust and belief in the natural flow of the universe and in the every day miracles of life. You’ll fill your box with these treasures and all join together for the Alchemy Ceremony. Amazingly powerful stuff.
Craft your Proclamation Affirmation. You will proclaim your intention to remain dedicated to your dreams and to follow your north star as a guiding light, moving you continually toward your best life. 
Heart-Centered Play Book. This is your plan that will bring your dreams to life, one baby step at a time! You’ll to craft a plan that includes an outline of our Heart-goals, the big rocks and the smaller action pebbles that will help you to define a strategy that works FOR YOU.
This isn’t Planning in the traditional sense of setting SMART goals, so you have a nice, linear, logical path to follow … (although our work CAN lead to that if you love traditional planning)
Our Play Book Planning is more about staying connected to the spirit and energy of your heart-dreams and your passion … and to have North Stars that help guide you every day. This will give you what you need to express more fully, more vibrantly, more powerfully this coming year.
Your VISION BOARD! Of course, we’ll make a vision board that will keep us inspired all year long! There’s something magical about engaging our creative mind and our hands in crafting a visual inspiration for what we love, what we desire, and what we are passionately working toward that is so, so powerful!


The classes are live with Kathy … and interactive so you’ll be able to ask questions and get support each day, and engage with your sister alchemists in the chat and breakout pods. You’ll get pdf worksheets for each day to make it easy to take notes and do the exercises.

Community. We’ll also have private facebook group to share, celebrate and ask questions…it’s one of the best parts!!

Replays. If you cannot attend the live sessions for any reason, no worries, they will be recorded and you can listen to them later. With a full year of access, you will be able to listen to the replays again and again any time you want!

The great thing about online learning: 
No driving…no travel time…plenty of time to make some tea and potty your dog!

And, you get all the benefits of the amazing energy that happens when a group of inspired people come together. So awesome!

Did I mention that you don’t even have to get dressed? Jammies and slippers are perfect!! (who will know?)

4 LIVE COACHING CALLS. To support you to stay on course toward your dream life … we’ll meet 4 more times during 2022 for a live coaching call. You will gather with your fellow alchemists each quarter to share, support, ask questions, get back on track…and of course, to celebrate your successes!!efine 

"I now have a small voice that speaks to me about kindness, acceptance and considering all the possibilities."

“I joined CAPP because I needed to find peace in my daily life and to re-frame the difficult situations in my life.
I knew that Kathy’s techniques would resonate with me. I actually wanted to join the year earlier, but hesitated. When the program came up again, I knew I had to join.
CAPP suddenly made me understand the true meaning of baby steps. Small changes build confidence and got me on the road to achieving my goals. It also helped me to realize that there are other people who believe in deeper connections to the world and people around us.

My life has changed in small ways that may not be easily visible to other people. I now have a small voice that speaks to me about kindness, acceptance and considering all the possibilities. 

I loved creating a dream poster and still enjoy looking into my alchemy box. My new morning routine includes listening to a motivational short podcast. This podcast, in turn, has encouraged me to journal.

I feel more peaceful and open. I also express myself more freely and with a greater emphasis on compassion and empathy. Outwardly, my future is still somewhat determined by my circumstances, but my approach to the future will be one where I will make choices, release some of my fears and open up to new possibilities.”


“I had lost the "why" of what I wanted to do. I had so many choices, I just did not know what I really wanted. ”

“I had found the Brilliant Herding Partners that Kathy has and her approach was what I was looking for. No yelling, throwing things at your dog like the old school way, but building a true partnership. I believed in her philosophy and a lot of the same is presented in the CAPP.

I had doubts about joining. I had never belonged to a group where you focused on your dreams. Kathy is so positive and encouraging so I decided to try.

I had retired, found my dream hobby farm. I had a wonderful aussie, Mho, that I had just recently lost to cancer. I had lost the “why” of what I wanted to do. I had so many choices, I just did not know what I really wanted.

The biggest aha was to listen to my heart. Not easy for someone with a degree and background in mathematics and engineering and did everything very rationally.

If I hadn’t joined CAPP, I would still be in an endless loop of “is this what I really want, nope, is this what I really want, nope,…

I now feel that I am an intentional creator of positive energy, I have more resilience to the flow of life, I feel creative and connected. My husband has even felt the difference.

I feel so much more energized with positive energy, I have more balance and harmony of my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms.”



One Payment of $290. USD
*Early Bird Special Pricing Only $145
Until December 29th
$ 145


Two Payments of $74. USD
*Early Bird Special Pricing Only
Until December 29th
$ 74 x 2

Hello Beautiful Creator!

 Yes, that’s you!! ;) 
I want to talk to you about living your best life.
I’ve been leading Creative Alchemy workshops for over 20 years now, starting in person and for the past few years, via virtual gatherings. The CAPP workshops are powerfully inspiring and so much fun!
When I began to dream about what I wanted to co-create in my life I realized that what inspires me the MOST is to help more people realize their dreams. My own Vision is pretty big…it’s about changing the world by connecting women to the natural wisdom of their heart and to live a rich and intentional life full of love and joy.
And to allow the dogs to participate too. (they’ve been asking) The strong bond between dogs and their people can help make this happen. Dogs (and cats and horses and any animal companions) already know how to connect…and are eager to show their humans how!
Many of my Big Dreams have most definitely come to pass, each and every year.
Yes, there were specific worldly things that I desired, and not all of them happened, though many did. BUT…what I really wanted was to FEEL a certain way and I worked on that every single day.
My HEARTS DESIRE is to feel vibrant, resilient, peaceful, balanced, joyful. To move through my life with ease and grace, guided by my heart, my intuition.
Did I feel like that every single day, all day?
No, definitely not.
Do I feel like that way more than I don’t? Yes. YES! YES! Do I feel like that way more than I did the year before and the year before that? 1000X YES!!!
That’s what I want for you … to feel awesome about your life, even when a year like 2020 or 2021 happens. Your heart wants that for YOU too.
I invite you join me as we create our next best year ever …

Much love,

Kathy xo

Frequently Asked Questions

One of my philosophies in life is to make choices on how to spend my valuable resources like time and money, and choose where my dreams can be nurtured, and I can live the life I envision. I hope you do the same. 

You will need to devote time to join the classes and the coaching calls live or on replay…but the actual time spent for implementation each week is completely up to you. I’m all about keeping things simple and incorporating everything possible into normal daily life.

All the classes and coaching calls will be recorded so you won’t miss a thing! You can enjoy them anytime and anywhere, at your convenience.

If you have questions or need coaching but can’t attend our quarterly coaching calls, just post your Q in the event in advance and I will answer them at our live session and you can catch the replay! Or, you can post a question 24/7 in our private facebook group anytime for a quick response from your sister alchemists!

Perfect! That means you are ready to dream bigger and are more prepared to bring those big dreams to life! Many alchemists in our community have been taking this program every year since I started it 20+ years ago!

Each year the content is updated, and we reveal another layer of our deepest heart’s desires…and we need the guidance, support and motivation every single year! Join us!

I stand behind this program with all my heart. I am confident that you will be thrilled with what you learn in the course. I know that if you do this simple, heart-felt and inspiring work you WILL be on your way to creating your best year ever. If you decide in your heart that this program is not for you, let me know before the start of the second workshop and I will refund your paid tuition.

More shares about the CAPP experience...

"My life has changed in wonderful ways!"

"I loved being part of a Tribe of Alchemists that are committed to being the change we wish to see in the world! Comments, wisdom, sharing, and community - all wonderful! Being able to connect with this community on a regular basis and ride the collective wave of progress was great! You are a gifted facilitator!

My life has changed in wonderful ways:
1. Feeling supported by our group in some of my hardest endeavors
2. Feeling a greater connection to the rest of the world by meeting more like minded souls.
3. Bringing my relationships with my dogs into greater balance.

This program is a way to Create Your Best Year - without specifications. To just be open to having your dreams and letting the world assist in bringing them to fruition.

Thank you for hosting and leading a great program! Let's do it again!!!! ”

~Nancy Bes

“You owe it to yourself to join this creative alchemy program. "

"There are no words that come close to describing the gratitude that I'm feeling and the transforming energy I've gained from this course.

If you're thinking of enrolling in Kathy's Creative Alchemy program, here's my advice:

You owe it to yourself, to connect and engage in this creative alchemy program.It is life changing, uplifting and I know it's something that, like me, you will sign up for year after year.

Kathy has a passion, a commitment and an innate ability to guide you to create your best year ever.

Don't put it off!!! Join the thousands that have been helped by Kathy's loving, heart centered program, and journey your way to your best life ever ;)"

~ Dee

“I'm blown away by this program. It is just great!"

"One of the best parts of this Creative Alchemy program is the support and realizing that others have the same desires (if not the same dreams) as I do. And learning that we can train our brain to listen to what we tell it and that affects what we do … was so powerful!

If you are an over the top Type A who wants to learn how to listen to what you really want instead of controlling it, take this course! It may only take you to an A- but you will be so much happier there. "


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