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Learn to connect and communicate with your dog so naturally and POWERFULLY that behavior struggles fade and cooperation thrives ...

Become a Calm, Confident Dog Mom and Unlock Your Dog’s Brilliant Potential

(Even if your dog is reactive, distracted, or anxious ... and you've tried 'everything' and nothing has worked!)

With our proven, step-by-step system you can resolve your behavior and relationship struggles with simple strategies that build trust, connection and cooperation … without wasting more time, money, or tears.

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Jane Goodall and Rusty
Jane Goodall and Rusty

“I learned so much from Rusty. He proved to me that animals have minds, personalities and feelings. This gave me great strength in my convictions and work with chimpanzees. “

Natural cooperation with dogs is a timeless skill…

Mastering the art of interspecies communication and social learning is crucial.

It’s been the core way we connect, understand and influence our dogs for more than ten thousand years.

Our modern world puts a lot of pressure on dogs to comply with a rigid set of expectations, and a lot of pressure on us dog moms to make sure our dogs are obedient to a one-size-fits-all standard that so commonly results in failed families or crushed dreams. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can enjoy a great life with our dogs without relying on obedience, behavior training, rewarding compliance, or on corrections for disobedience.

Our dogs need to feel connected, secure and trusting, and we share these same needs. As social mammals, both humans and dogs naturally thrive on cooperation, which respects our individual needs, preferences, personalities, and past experiences.

What sounds great to have in a relationship can be different in reality…

Connecting with a dog who is already confused, over-aroused, or reactive is NOT SO EASY

What Was Your Dream?

When you brought your new dog home, you envisioned perfect days: long walks in nature, social events, playful vacations, dog camps, and peaceful family moments.

Perhaps you even pictured standing in the winner’s circle after training and competing in dog sports with your good partner.

Then, Real Life Happened…

  • Your reactive dog completely loses it around other dogs or triggers.
  • Your excitable dog barks and jumps and pulls when you try to go for a walk. 
  • Your distracted dog won’t cooperate, and treats or games don’t help. 
  • Your anxious dog panics, hides or barks and can’t be calmed.
  • Your independent dog just doesn’t seem to care about your requests.
  • Your puppy seems to be a biting, chewing, attention-demanding, never- settling whirlwind that has you living on the edge of exhaustion, wondering when it will ever get better.


The Struggle Is Real …

Stress, worry, frustration, and overwhelming challenges began to dominate your life. Trying multiple trainers and methods, only leaves you more confused, worried or frustrated than before. 

The solutions don’t seem to last, feel right, or work effectively for you and your dog.

You find yourself in a cycle of confusion and stress, dealing with a dog that pulls, lunges, barks excessively; chases impulsively, refuses to listen, melts down, shuts down, or simply freaks out. 

Beth W
"KZ" loved by Beth
mary, bettina, and bear in grass crop
"Mary and Bear" loved by Bettina

Amid constant anxiety and doubt, you worry if you’re making the right choices or if you’re inadvertently harming your pup’s future. It’s confusing and disheartening.

The Truth is …

Dogs pulling on the leash, barking at every distraction, obsessively chasing, displaying nervousness about ordinary things, or underperforming in dog sports …

…are not training issues. 

They are symptoms of deeper miscommunications, misunderstandings, unmet needs, unrealistic expectations … and amplification of significant gaps in our relationships with our dogs.

I’ve taught thousands of dog moms simple partnership lifestyle secrets…so they can feel calm, happy and have the freedom to do all they love together.

I can teach you too.

Ros with Phoebe and Myrtle trees
"Phoebe and Myrtle" loved by Ros

Brilliant Partners ...

...are kind, loving, calm, clear, cooperative, respectful, trustworthy, attentive, and responsive.

... And as you grow into that Brilliant Partner, these same qualities naturally blossom in your dog too.

That’s when the magic happens:

  • You become more patient and mindful, reflecting a calm and confident demeanor that your dog naturally mirrors.
  • Your dog comes eagerly running to you — because you’re like a love magnet who doesn’t need to rely on obedience to a trained recall.
  • You gain the ability to guide your dog with subtle cues and gentle leadership at doorways and gates, without needing a sit/stay command.
  • Your dog remains connected and responsible, even amidst distractions, reflecting your steady confidence.
  • Together, you learn to walk in sync, as partners, on and off leash, enjoying the natural connection of social mammals.
  • Your dog chooses to focus on you, responsive to your calm presence rather than reacting to the environment or needing micromanagement.
  • You deepen your understanding and communication, enhancing your teamwork in dog sports and everyday adventures, turning every experience into a shared success—ribbons or not!

📷 The photos you see on this page are snapshots of a life of brilliant partnership. Just looking at them makes my heart dance, no matter how many times I’ve seen dog moms get off the behavior training struggle bus and enjoy the sweet ride of partnership! 💖☯️

Marika & Dogs MC pic Nov. 2022
"Mackenzie and Rambo" loved by Marika
"Clover and Bowie", loved by Marianne
Sandra C scaled
"Nigella" and "Monty" loved by Sandra
Kathy with Raven Clark sue by fence in fall
Kathy with her beloved border collies: Raven, Clark and Sue.
Jane with Skye and Hannah crop 1
"Skye" loved by Jane and family

Kathy Kawalec

Kathy photo for BPA sales page


...and I'd love to support you on your partnership journey with your dogs too!

With over 35 years of experience, I’ve helped thousands of dog moms with simple partnership lifestyle secrets that transform the way they connect and communicate with their dogs, including dogs that are sensitive, anxious, hyper, or reactive.

I’ll be honest with you

Getting to this point wasn't easy

When I first said yes to my dog friends that asked me for lessons after seeing my success and the partnerships I had with my dogs on and off the herding field, I had no idea how hard it was going to become. 

Many students struggled because their dogs, even though well trained in obedience, couldn’t handle the distracting environment of my farm. The dogs had no self-regulation, and the dog moms had no connection with their dogs in the ‘distracting’ environment of my farm. (or any similarly distracting environment, such as ordinary, real life)

My struggle to better help these devoted dog moms and their dogs quickly steered me down a new path of discovery. I questioned why my relationships with my own dogs were so different. 

Beginner Herding group

Why was I so successful with my dogs ...

… in everyday life, off-lead adventures, in dog sports like agility and herding – without concern about ‘distractions’? And without focusing on training obedience and micromanaging my dogs?

My dogs CHOSE to be attentive to me without prompting, they loved when I called them, they enjoyed walking with me, they didn’t get over-aroused and unruly around things that triggered most other dogs. 

This was not a smooth and easy path, however. In order to better understand my students’ struggle with their well-trained but reactive and easily aroused dogs, I experimented with raising my border collie puppy with lots more training than was normal for me. That was a real eye-opener! Phoenix was my greatest teacher and the inspiration to develop my partnership lifestyle method – through blood, sweat and tears, as the saying goes.

Kathy Maya pen at Bluegrass e1355776483623
Kathy walking with dogs

and then…

My small farm in northern Illinois became a busy beacon for those who had exhausted all other training avenues, needing to start over with their dogs, and for those that wanted to get started right.  🐾💕

I had a proven system that worked consistently well for my students and clients, earning referrals from veterinarians, dog trainers, behaviorists, and from happy clients inspiring their dog friends to want THAT relationship with their own dogs! 

Now, I was ready for the next phase of my work: to share the power of partnership with dog moms around the world.

Kathy and Luc hug Oct 2019

🐾"True understanding and real dialog get the relationship you dream about … and your dog will LOVE you for it!" ~Kathy Kawalec

  • What if we nurtured your dog’s natural desire to partner with you?
  • What if your dogs could learn to behave without being trained to be obedient?
  • ​What if your dog wanted to behave, and would … if you built a lifestyle based on trust and dialog?

That’s exactly what is possible for you and your dog!

Phalen and Dee 1

"What do I say about a program that changed despair to joy? How do I put into words a gift so profound that everyday, without fail, I thank my lucky stars?"
~Dee Wilusz

There's no better time than NOW for the brilliant partners lifestyle that you and your dog deserve.

Growing into a brilliant partner alongside your dog will be challenging, but also THE MOST REWARDING thing you’ll ever do. And if you’re ready to take on this challenge, then I’m here to support you.

It only takes 3 Simple Steps

To Grow a Brilliant Partnership Life with Your Dog ...
so that you have the freedom to enjoy every day with the dog you love.

heart Quote Bubble

Communicate with Clarity for Easy Understanding

Learn our partnership skills for communication, connection and dialog so that you become a love magnet your dog can’t resist responding to!

e831b4062cfc043ed1584d05fb1d449ee072e2dc11ac104491f3c778aeeeb3ba 640

Develop Your Dance
as Connected Partners

Our 5 Dance Step elements make it easy: your dog loves to run directly to you whenever you call, loves to stay close so you don’t often need to call, and learns to walk WITH you.
Live calls hearts icon

Become Brilliant  and Balanced Partners

Use simple holistic tools to rebalance and heal; become a kind loving leader; and learn to walk in partnership with your dog for a life of freedom enjoying activities that you both love.

Skip YEARS of the training and behavior modification struggle and learn how to use simple, sustainable, proven partnership strategies...

Become a Brilliant Partners Academy Member Today!

Brilliant Partners Academy new DH logo 600px

An online education and coaching program
for DEVOTED dog moms

You get everything you need to start right or start over with your dog. Interrupt relationship-damaging behavior patterns ... and launch empowering daily practices and skills that work in REAL LIFE!

Get clarity, coaching and ALL the skills you need so that…

It’s in the Brilliant Partners Academy that we guide, coach and mentor you to ...

... create and nurture a GREEN-ZONE LIFE for you and your dog! It’s a life where your INNER CIRCLE is so strong that you can handle whatever is happening ‘out there’.

Green zone nothing matters

When You Join Our Brilliant Partners Academy Coaching Membership...

Tree of trust

The Complete BPA 5-Module Foundation Formula Core Training Course

I’ll guide you step-by-step through the Foundation Formula lessons as we uncover the 5C’s of our Tree of Trust that lead to brilliant partnership life with your dogs.
You’ll discover the partnership way: to call your dog so they LOVE to come; to handle unwanted habits like chasing and barking; to walk in partnership with your dog and how to transition smoothly with my ‘training wheels’ system; and so much more.
Each module has its own set of videos, workbooks, templates and tools.

By itself, this course is rich with detailed education…
and there is also the supporting role of the 3 Additional Membership Benefits.

These 3 Membership Benefits are designed to give strength to an already incredible foundation program!

monthly theme 3

Monthly Level Up Themes!

Our monthly focus topics dive deeply into our pillars of partnership so that you and your dog can move through the 5 Partnership Stages from Starting Partners all the way up to Brilliant Partners.
Every month, we focus on important topics that will accelerate your partnership success!
Kathy and dog laptop crop

Live Spotlight Coaching Calls - 6 per Month

This is NOT your ordinary online training class … It’s a Real Coaching Program!

You’re invited to 2 Live coaching calls with Kathy every month, plus 4 additional Live coaching calls every month with our expert Certified Partnership coaches, personally trained by Kathy. Get live, face-to-face expert coaching support and feedback.
Full support, feedback and all of your questions answered in our members-only group. Our Community Manager, Member Support Manager and our Partnership Coaches fully support you on every step of your journey. Coaching support, feedback, suggestions, video reviews…we are there for you. #askacoach

Don’t worry, if you can’t make any of the coaching calls, they’ll be recorded and put in your members HUB…  AND you can submit your questions in advance if needed!

heart tree

Brilliant Partners Community

This community is one of the best parts of this program, and feels like a sisterhood.

Connect, share and engage with your sister dog moms as much as you like inside our private Facebook group. This is a fully supportive group that offers only love and empathy. 

So much support, sharing, celebrating…real friends are made and genuine, heartfelt support is freely offered. 24/7 – you are never alone with our international group. 

These bonuses are designed especially for those passionate and truly committed to reaching their true potential and making their dreams come true! That's YOU, right?

BPA Hub Masterclasses screenshot key

Bonus: Brilliant Partners MasterClass Library

This is really special! You have full access to our best masterclass workshops that will guide you deeper into our partnership principles and skills and problem solving strategies! There are over 45 Masterclasses in the BPA library for you to check out as you need.

These lessons and discussions go deep … and pull in not only my own 35 years of experience, but tap into our coaches and members experiences and transformations. Very powerful stuff!

kathy CC 10 01 22

Bonus: Quarterly Clarity Clinics

Every quarter, we’ll gather for a LIVE Online virtual training clinic. You won’t believe the results you will achieve from this level of coaching, planning, staying on track toward your dreams!

Partnership skills, mindset and confidence expansion … planning for success, coaching, and review of your submitted videos will ensure that you and your dog are on the fast track to success.

You Also Get:
Free Membership in The Brilliant Dog Foundation Builders program

BDFB access to graphic

Brilliant Dog Foundation Builders: The Course

BDFB course mockup

New Trainings and Tools Every Month

monthly tools mockup
Educational, fun, and interactive trainings and tools that you can use!

Live Q+A's with our Expert Partnership Coaches

Kathy and dog laptop
Get your questions answered, and your worksheets and plans reviewed by our partnership coaches.

Worksheets, Guides, Templates and Planners

BDFB deliverables mockup
All the worksheets, journals and planners to guide you every step of the way.

How to Stop Hyper Barking Guidebook

Stop Barking pdf mockup
What are the steps to getting on top of unwanted barking?

Guidebook for Sensitive, Anxious or Reactive Dogs

Behavior breakthrough pdf mockup
Stop the trust leaks with your hyper, anxious or reactive dog

Dog Mom's Guide to Breathe, Bond and Calm Down

Calm Down Cover mockup
If you’re like many of us dog moms, you’re feeling a bit stressed these days!

The Brilliant Partners Academy is Expertly Designed to Guide You to Level UP through the Partnership Stages … from Starting Partners all the way to Master Partners.

BPA Stages Heart Roadmap for LTG slide

while paying just a fraction of the usual cost!

But Wait! There's More...

When you join today, You'll also get instant access to:

BPA members podcast

🐾The Most Powerful, Positive and Proven, Step-by-Step Framework to a Brilliant Partnership with YOUR Dog

Join us for the ONLY Holistic, Positive, Heart-Centered Partnership Coaching Program You'll Find Anywhere:

Brilliant Partners Academy new DH logo 600px

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$ 49/mo


Or SAVE $191 with an ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP (=$33/mo with annual payment)
$ 397/yr


GUARANTEE: Try BPA out for 7 Days, and if you don't love it, just send an email to help@dancingheartsdogacademy.com and cancel for a full refund, no questions asked.​

Behind the Scenes with Brilliant Partners...

Stella talks about her reactive poodle...

Steph has a difficult struggle with her Akbash mix...

Ros was anxious about her two Viszla girls reactivity

Rhiannon turns life around for her rescued feral dog

Ana struggled with her border collie's reactivity

Charlene helped her traumatized dog feel loved

Marika trades transactional training for partnership

Alicia creates harmony with her rescues

Ulla photo e1616943975597

“It’s the best decision I’ve made in years!”

“Bela was not enjoying her walks and neither were we…I was so frustrated and sad. This partnership lifestyle is so much easier! It is the best decision I have made in years.”

~Ulla K and Bela Lisbon, Portugal

Sue Mimm and dogs grass copy e1616944038866

“Life is good!”

“My rescue dog Charlie was totally overwhelmed at everything in his new environment. I was exhausted, humiliated and frustrated. After BPA, I’m so happy and amazed at how wonderful life is with my dogs!”

~Sue Mimm, with Charlie and Leila Tyrol, Austria

Marianne and dogs scaled e1616944014234

“Our walk today was perfect!”

“There was a time when walks were difficult, unhappy and uncomfortable … but today, our walk was perfect. I am here, standing on the building blocks of the Brilliant Partners Academy … … all the insights and wisdom of classes, live coaching, sharing with and learning from fellow BeePees.”

~Marianne with Clover and Bowie Huntington, NY

Phalen and Dee

“What do I say about a program that changed despair to joy?”

“My dream dog had become a nightmare, my life was in turmoil and my family was miserable. With our partnership foundation, life is liberating, joyful and totally works! Who knew?”

~Dee and Phalen

Bettina and family

“I'm so proud of my 3 fur kids, and forever grateful for Kathy and her program.”

“I thought: I’ve tried everything, training classes, behavior sessions, reactive dog classes, I have nothing to lose. 10 months later, we all enjoying our Brilliant Partners lifestyle and I’m so proud of my 3 fur kids!”

~Bettina, with Murphy, Mary and Bear

Jane with Skye and Hannah crop

“Kicked out of obedience class … to brilliant partners!”

"After being kicked out of obedience class, I found Kathy Kawalec. Instead of focusing on obedience and training, we breathed a sigh of relief and began focusing on appreciating each other and observing and listening to each other. Life since is a daily delight with my girl!”

~Jane and Skye

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a new dog mom, will this work for me?

Absolutely! This works especially well for new dog moms. The right start along with partnership skills will create a better bond, a better relationship and better communication for a life of happiness with your new dog!

I'm an experienced dog mom, will this be valuable for me?

No doubt about it! Brilliant Partners Academy is disrupting the outdated dog obedience culture, and will provide you with a fresh, modern way to connect with and help your dogs to reach their true potential with you. You'll have all the resources you need to start right or start over with your dog or puppy.

What if I can't attend the Q+A calls Live, because of my schedule?

Replays!! Many of our dog moms catch the replays - it's so convenient ... and you get to choose what time is best for you. Plus, you can post your question in advance and your coach will answer during the live call, and you can listen/watch later.

Does this only work for a certain type of dog?

This works for all puppies and dogs of any age, breed/mix, or history ... even if your dog is reactive, hyper, anxious, fearful, non-cooperative ... and even if you have tried 'everything' and nothing has worked.

We have literally hundreds of real dog moms with real dogs in real life in all varieties of environments who have transformed their life with their difficult dogs, and they started with this foundation work, just like you.

I'm not tech-savvy. Will I be able to make this work?

Yes. You can easily access everything from your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. You'll need internet access and your favorite device - that's it!

When will I get access:

You will receive an email with all of the details within minutes of your purchase, and you can login and get started immediately! Just follow the roadmap and you'll be on your way to a brilliant partnership life with your dog.

Can I cancel the membership anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. Simply let us know 48hrs before your renewal date (monthly or annual) and we'll happily care of it for you!

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we have a 7-Day, 100% money back guarantee. We'll happily refund 100% of your money if you cancel within 7 Days.

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