BPA Live Partnership Camp

Virtual Weekend camp

Featured Topic: Walking in Partnership

October 9-10, 2021

The key to experiencing the life that we want with our dogs is to start from the 'inside out'...

Getting these types of results takes a commitment to succeed. 
BPA Live Virtual Partnership camp is for BeePees who are committed to having a delightful, trusting relationship with their dog and are willing to dive deeper into self awareness and personal transformation…
… and who are eager for the opportunity to work closely with me in this intensive weekend camp!! 🙂

October Partnership Camp Intensive:
"Walking in Partnership with Your Dog"

So let’s take a minute and talk about the BPA Live PARTNERSHIP CAMP and specifically how it will help you move toward having enjoyable, fun and cooperative walks with your dog – easier and faster.

This partnership camp was specifically designed for devoted BeePees! 

IMPORTANTLY: We will be focusing strongly on EMPATHY, COOPERATION, and COMMUNICATION SKILLS in this weekend intensive.

The truth is that we all have limiting beliefs that prevent us from experiencing greater success. Our subconscious sabotages us by influencing our behavior, actions and mindset.

REALITY CHECK: All the partnership tactics and strategies in the world mean nothing if YOU don’t get your mental game on straight. 


"Leash walking is the ultimate test of your partnership."
This weekend, I'll guide you to think, feel and behave in a way that leaves you with a fresh perspective about what it really means to walk in partnership with your dog...
and a plan to make it happen in your life!

Imagine what it’ll be like when you and your dog can finally understand one another, and walk together through life as partners.
This BPA camp will be full of tactical and practical help to help you bust through some of the most common partnership-limiting behaviors.

Some of the topics include …

❤️ Empathy Map: What Does Walking in Partnership Really Mean for You and for Your Dog

We often have a ‘one-sided’ perspective about walking with our dogs, without even realizing that we do! I’ll be guiding you through a powerful Empathy Map discovery process that will open doors to understanding and cooperation with your dog.

❤️ Personality Types: Walking Partners Dance is NOT a One-Size-Fits-All Experience

Yes, you read that correctly! Our dog’s personality type means that we need to make adjustments in how we walk as partners. 🤯 We’ll take a look at what ‘walking dance default’ means for each type, and how you can accommodate your dog’s personality type preferences so that you can have max success as you learn to walk together as partners.

❤️ Crucial Mindset Shifts  Necessary for Walking in Partnership

Our partnership foundation basics alone won’t resolve our emotional, stress-induced behavior and choices, and they won’t change habitual patterns of behavior that we don’t even know exist for us.  I’ll be teaching you why we need to face our socialized thinking and how to use our foundation basics to follow our roadmap to brilliant partnership.

❤️ The Top 5 Leash Walking Mistakes and How to Turn Them Into #Learning Opportunities

When we follow these common leash walking practices, we are making things a lot harder than then should be with our dogs. If you’re ready to better understand why your ‘loose leash’ training isn’t working in real life, you will love this segment! Clarity, here we come! I’ll teach you all about these 5 common mistakes, and what to do instead.

❤️ Practical Partnership Skills to Level Up Your Walking Partners Dance

Making “The Walking Partners Dance” part of your lifestyle, and attention to communication details that matter will change everything for you, your dog and your partnership! In this segment, we’ll deep dive into the specific skills you need to master so that your dog loves to walk cooperatively with you!

❤️ The Social Connection for Walking Together as Partners

When we integrate social connection and social learning into our walking together journey, everything changes! You’ll love these simple social rules, and you’ll love how well your dog responds!

❤️ 5 Steps to Build Your Walking Partners Dance Foundation

Just like a baby learning to sit up before they stand, and learning to crawl before they walk, and learning to get back up after a fall before they can run … there is a natural ‘order’ to learning to leash walk in harmony with your dog. When we start in the middle, or at the end, instead of the natural beginning, we end up creating lots of unwanted habits that are difficult to overcome. Brilliant Partners follow this walking partners roadmap for the lifelong win!

The CAMP Experience includes …

Your Post Camp Coaching Session BONUS!
We’ll come back together to do follow up coaching and q+a.  You’ll get expert guidance from me and our Dancing Hearts partnership coaches to help you continue to APPLY what you takeaway from the weekend camp experience. 

BPA Partnership Weekend Camp Schedule

*All times shown in US Central – Chicago Time


SATURDAY October 9th

9am – 11am Morning Session

11am – Noon Lunch

Noon – 2pm Afternoon Session


SUNDAY October 10th

9am – 11am Morning Session

11am – Noon Lunch

Noon – 2pm Afternoon Session




Saturday October 16th

 10am – 12pm

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BPA PARTNERSHIP camp experience

$ 150

BPA PARTNERSHIP camp experience

$ 80 x 2

BeePees Share about their RRI experience...

From Coach Ulla ...

Marika shares her RRI experience ...

Steph and what RRI did for her life ...

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“It feels like magic.”

"Before I was a BP, I did positive training with treats. My girls would never heel unless I was shoving a treat in their nose, and still, only when they weren't distracted by something else.

Now they are both doing the walking partners dance with me! We had success in the house, then in the yard, now anywhere.

No treats, just love. It's a huge deal for us!! It feels like magic and I share my experience with every dog person I know..

Also, my girls were fighting and nothing helped, except following Kathy's advice.

This program has changed our lives!!!"

Angie W

heart Quote Bubble

“He loved the training, but remained reactive on walks.”

“I was so focused on being a positive trainer. This was all me...I couldn't figure out what the gap was. Shamas loved training but remained reactive on walks.

Then I forgot the treat bag, and walked naturally, bringing him in close and to the other side when dogs came near. I told him: I got this, don't worry.

What a change! Shamas didn't need more training, he needed to know that he could trust me to handle it!

We're a month into walks without training. Shamas has stopped lunging and barking at other dogs, showing no fear, just a little excitement!!"

Michelle F.

heart Quote Bubble

“Our walk today was perfect!”

“"I understand my dogs a lot more and I try to think about their personality before I take any action with them to help our communication! I changed my mindset from I have to...to I love to!

Our play sessions are calmer, less barking, more fun! We are more in harmony since we are careful about the energy level of our activities. Thank you!"

Marie-Michelle C”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign a contract, or commit to a certain amount of time?

No, you may cancel your membership subscription at any time. Simply email Kathy at least 24 hours before your renewal date ... that's it!! Easy peasy.

Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely! Try BPA out for up to 7 Days, and if you don't love it, just send an email to kathy@dancinghearts.org to cancel your membership for a full refund, no questions asked. After 7 days: Stay as long as you want! It's like a family, and many members never leave! Cancel Monthly membership subscription any month. Cancel Annual membership subscription before renewal date.

What if I enjoy training my dog ... will I have to stop my positive reinforcement training?

Absolutely not! In fact, you'll find that your level of success will dramatically increase when you add in this partnership based foundation! Remember ... our partnership lifestyle meets the core needs of our dogs ... and the training is the additional stuff.

I'm really busy...I'm not sure I have time for this.

One of my philosophies in life is to make choices on how to spend my valuable resources like time and money, and choose where my dreams can be nurtured, and I can live the life I envision. I hope you do the same.

Yes, You will need to devote time to watch the video lessons, and catch the coaching calls live or on replay...

Remember: a partnership lifestyle is just that - no need for special training sessions, setups and all that. I want to spend my precious time enjoying my life ... not struggling with unnecessary training ... and I want that for your too. And you have 24/7 access to the entire program for as long as you're a member, so you set the schedule that works for you!

What if I can't attend the coaching calls Live, because of my schedule?

Replays!! Many of our BeePees catch the replays - it's so convenient ... and you get to choose what time is best for you.

What if I am not on Facebook? Will I be able to use the program?

Yes. All of our courses, replays, masterclasses, workbooks etc are organized for easy access inside of our members HUB...a special website just for my members to enjoy! That said, there are easy ways for you to join our community discussions which are AWESOME without getting sucked into endless social scrolling. There are apps to help you with that, so that you only go directly into the BPA page. It's worth it, really!! But it's also ok if you don't. xo

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